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    posted a message on ItemBonusLib, an Ace2 version of BonusScanner
    I have a Manareg of 80/5sec, but only 8 Mana/5sec is shown with ItemBonus.

    It seems that the 8 Mana/Reg comes from the "Zul enchantments" (Head; and Legs).
    What about all of the Rest of Mana/Reg? For example Legs: "Leggings of Transcendence" with 7 Mana/5sec.?

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    posted a message on Grid
    I am a newbie to Grid, and I love Grid !

    But one of the latest version of Grid breaks with the "Incoming Heal-Indicator"... :-(

    I ask myself why?

    I miss this very much. So I had to revert back to an older Version.

    Is there a possibilty to get these "Incoming Heal Indicator" back?

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