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    can't remember but did Skinner(oSkin back in da day) cause this? If so, will it every be back? :(
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    As you can tell it's MapNotes. I find it to be the most horrible addon i've ever used, giving me infinite errors and crushing my WoW like a small paper bag under a steamroller after a few hours of play.

    I Didn't search EXTENSIVELY, but i didn't see anything in cartographer to allow for lines like Metamap. It is the only reason i have it installed.

    I have a dream to make a sort of quest walkthrough to make leveling my alts faster and more effeciently. Mabye alternate ones for a different class or something. I have a problem with making lots of alts and i end up leveling them, then getting stuck somewhere. I only have 2 characters 60(60+), and now i'm playing yet another alt. The above picture is just a guide for the outlands, and there's none in progress for the rest of the game, for the rest of the zones.

    I don't want to have to use Mapnotes to do this, i want to use Cartographer. I love this thing, it's one of the most perfect addons i've ever used.

    So, i humbly ask, is there any plans on adding lines into this?
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