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    Speaking of the aura.lua patch... Can we possibly get that updated (there were a few reports of buffs/debuffs not showing, blank spaces, etc.)

    Would love to install it, but I'm a little leery about installing an essentially dry coded patch.

    It has been updated, two or three times already, but is not in good shape right now. I have sadly little time to devote to it.

    Let me explain exactly what I was trying to do regarding this patch: I was assuming that the performance issues that some people experience with PitBull Aura system were due to the fact that each Buff or Debuff icon was being Layout each time any of them changed. So I wrote a quick and dirty patch that removes just that. With the patch, the Buff and Debuff are Layout as less often as possible, and sadly, not enough from time to time, which leads to the graphical errors that people have reported above. But apart from theses glitches, I wanted to assert that my first assumption was correct, and so I want people to verify if the performance is better or not, before I (or someone else) commit more time to rewrite the Aura system based on this.

    I definitely saw a marked improvement when using your aura.lua. I think the problem is only some people will notice a difference just based on what their current PC setup is. Personally I have a rather outdated PC and your little hack patch really helped.
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    Could we get a "Target Cast" trigger added please? Would be very helpful for interrupting particular spells/heals.
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