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    First off, big big thanks for AceComm, it's saved me a huge amount of work.

    long/short: I'm writing a DKP tracker (http://frogpit.com/swag), and I'm in the process of building in a network sync process to allow users to share data in-game. 90% of the time, AceComm can pass along my gross nested tables without complaint - but I've managed to create at least one 'large' table that generates a 'substring too long' error out of ChatThrottleLib when I try to pass it through SendComm.

    It appears to be a subtle bug in the way that SendMessage(...) chunks up large strings.
    I can 'fix' the problem by bumping the 'chunk' size down from 250, eg:

    local max = math_floor(messageLen / (250 - headerLen) + 1)


    local max = math_floor(messageLen / (240 - headerLen) + 1)

    ...as the 'oversized' chunks seem to be no more than 2 or 3 characters too large. After this tweak, everything gets passed between clients without issue.

    Yes, it's a kludge, but I'm short on cycles ATM. Anyone care to dig deeper ?

    Thanks for your time

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