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    We've used Suicide Kings in our guild for a while now, and your version seems to serve us best. There is an option that I'd like to use, but I doubt that everyone using the mod would feel the same, so I'm wondering about the possibility of using a macro in conjunction with the mod.

    What I want: A countdown that ends with bid close.

    What I -was- using with the original Joe Hunk version:

    /in 1 /rw Bids closing in:
    /in 3 /rw ...3
    /in 5 /rw ...2
    /in 7 /rw ...1
    /in 9 /sk close

    Can I still use my macro, but change line 5 to "push the button" for bid closure? Something like:

    /SKG CloseBid

    I like the announcements that the mod uses, all I want in the ability to let ppl know that bids are closing, and give them a last moment or two while the countdown is running to get a bid in. Since the bid closing does not announce as /rw in current state, and I make raiders move on and continue clearing while I distribute loot - occasionally, people will miss bid opportunities. Also...there is no "undo" button in the bidding UI, and now that items are tradeable, I've had a few instances of players trading items they'd "jumped the gun" on and I have to move them back up the list manually. Having an "undo" would rock.

    Thank you for your dedication and thoughtfulness in this mod.

    Guild FX
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    Phanx, Your first sentance was sufficient to request no further "bumps." Most of what followed felt more like a snub. You may consider the mod "ancient," but it's still in use, which kind of makes it "current," too.

    Forgive the inconvienence of your having to read an extra post. On the other hand I represent a number of people in my request, it's not just my preference. I just happen to be one that took time to actually ask.

    Obviously, if I was capable of the task, I wouldn't have posted in the first place, except to ask for permission from the author. This is afterall a forum where requests are welcomed, is it not? Although you may comb over this forum daily, others who may be willing to help out may not. I don't think bumping something -once- deserves a lash. I had no intentions of delivering an endless barrage of begging.

    Finally, (and you can rest assured this will be my last statement or post on the matter) I said I prefer the asthetics of the mod. I never said, "It looks better." If you want something more drawn out: I like the bars' shape and the radial filling method of the bars, among other things that I feel are pointless to mention at this point. Why would I present these things to another HUD designer? "I don't like some of the ways you designed your mod, would you please change it for me?" doesn't sound like it would be recieved well. Most authors here have presented something that is unique in its own way, as ArcHUD is. I think it best to respect and perserve that by not complaining that "your mod doesn't do what the other one does." Were a simple feature request to another HUD sufficient, then that kind of request would have been made. As it stands, I tend to think that the way ArcHUD fills, being radial, would be a more substantial change than just adding a skin.
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    I know several people are using IceHUD and enjoy it thorougly. I personally prefer ArcHUD, and I'm not alone. This isn't intended to slight the efforts of Ice, as I know a respectible amount of knowledge and dedication go into all of these mods - I'm not making the statement that Arc is "better," or anything of the like. It's simply a matter of preference for me and a fair-sized group of others.

    I'm making the request that a capable person adopt this seemingly abandoned project, and put in the effort to bring it to a more current state. As is, it still functions. However, I know there are issues for some with the menus, and some random .lua errors on occasion. It currently uses embeds of the oldest generation of their type:


    Right now, I notice that some of these libs load via ArcHUD and seemingly cause issues with mods that use the same libs, but newer versions. One example that I witnessed post 3.2, was with a mod called Headcount. Headcount was tossing errors, but one of the involved modules was a lib in the ArcHUD directory. I considered replacing the older libs in Arc with the newer ones from Headcount, but thought that unwise.

    I'm hoping there is someone that will bring ArcHUD to a more current state, perhaps things like making use of an entry in the Blizz Interface > Addons menu, and updating it to use current lib versions. Adding the option to use a color gradient for the DK's RP ring (blue > red as it fills) would be a most welcome change.

    Again, please do not mistake this request for a "the other guy's mod sucks, I like this one better" thread. It's nothing of the like. Arc provides the asthetics that I prefer, and with some of the features turned off, it provides simplicity as well. I'd just like to see it continue to be supported.

    Thanks for any consideration.

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    posted a message on ArcHUD 2.2 (2007-06-11)
    I'm a huge fan of the ArcHUD, as are several other players that I've talked to.

    I'm hoping there is someone out there that is willing to invest a small amount of time in adding some functionality to the "Player Mana" bar.
    I notice that the "Player Health" bar has the ability to "fade" from green>red as health diminishes. Is it feasible to ask for that same functionality in the "Player Mana" bar as well? Specifically, it would be nice to be able to have the default single colors for mana, rage, focus, and energy, but with the addition of a two-color range for runic power (or a generalized range for all classes).

    The reason for this is simple: There is currently no DK-specific setting on the menu for DK's. As a DK, we never want a full runic power bar, and the ability to have the bar "fade" from the standard blue (or any other color) ~> red as it increased would be a huge plus, signaling us to constantly purge RP in reaction to the bar turning red.

    I've seen other posts asking for some sort of rune addition as well, but I've found that Yury's RundDisplay works very well, and can be resized to fit in with Arc in such a way that it looks like it's part of Arc. So perhaps that might work well for those in need of rune function with Arc.

    I sincerely hope someone will pick this up.
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    posted a message on Fubar - Rock Configuration Question
    Quote from JaedxRapture »

    Quote from Supertex »

    I really don't care for Rock at all. I liked FuBar as it was. But when I unload Rock, FuBar fails to load. Is this a requirement now? Or perhaps a workaround?

    Well that's interesting. People took a fanboi liking to Ace for stupid reasons and now they hate Rock for similar stupid reasons.

    I can tell you don't know what Rock is. All you know of it is that it's not placed a button on your screen that may look ugly. Not the best thing for addons to go around doing but the core Rock library isn't a bad library for it.

    Anything you know or feel about Rock, forget it and drop it. Unless you plan to develop addons on a framework you don't need to know it even exists. Just concern yourselves with the state of the addons themselves. The button is planned to be removed soon so all the ugliness you've seen will go away.

    I could do without patronizing - if that was your intent. I failed to mention as well that I no longer have options for FuBar. Any time I rt click on the bar...Rock opens instead of the Fu options...ENTIRELY too large for the screen, I might add. I'd be happy with a simple answer to the original question I asked.
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    posted a message on Fubar - Rock Configuration Question
    I really don't care for Rock at all. I liked FuBar as it was. But when I unload Rock, FuBar fails to load. Is this a requirement now? Or perhaps a workaround?
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    Quote from Xerophyte »

    As for implementing the official EPGP formula or ItemLevelDKP as a default value for items not included in a custom file: it's doable, certainly. However I feel both formulae are rather poorly designed and so I've no real desire to include them as programmatic GP. You can edit custom.lua and add loot priced according to them if you prefer, no worries, but that's very likely to be the only way to do it.

    Would this apply to DKPmon_EPGP in the same fashion as was discussed in a FCZS section of the initial DKPmon thread (pg2):

    Quote from Daelic »

    You could use HoB_DKP... if you go back in the post, you'll see us going back and forth to make dkpmon get the values directly from hob. My final post on the subject is the final function change needed to make it all work. http://www.wowace.com/forums/index.php?topic=4046.msg80356#msg80356

    Perhaps HoB's formulae could be altered to use the exact EPGP standard, for those that desire it.
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    Quote from Vorda »

    This is almost exactly what you need: http://elitistjerks.com/showpost.php?p=344098&postcount=77

    (I'm guessing you saw it in a video once actually, since the accuracy of your report is remarkable :) )

    We use that as well. One problem I found with it though...if you aren't the only one with the mod active...it spams chat from everyone with it installed. You -could- end up with chat being spammed with multiple (conflicting) assignments. Perhaps they've updated it, and made provisions for whether to announce.
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    posted a message on Bartender3 - Action Bar AddOn for WoW 2.0
    I couldn't seem to find a solution to my problem here. Some with similar issues, but not the issue I'm having.

    I have range indicator set to "Hotkey," and it seems to be working correctly. The assigned key is red when OOR.

    My abilities that use rage darken when rage is too low to use them...IF I have no target.

    When I target an enemy, MOST of my abilities light up...regardless of rage.
    Typically, my shield slam is lit up as soon as I target a mob, whether I have rage enough to use it or not. Then as I get right up on him (rage building at this point), the button goes dark right about the time I'm hitting it. Then it lights up and works. It's very frustrating. I find myself trying to use abilities when they aren't / shouldn't be available.

    Same holds true of execute. If I'm in battle stance or zerk, execute is lit up the entire fight - and it's making me nuts.

    Is this a bug? Setting? Functional limitation?

    **edit** Solution found...just had to set OOR indicator to "None." Hotkey indicates range still (in red), and abilities reflect rage quantity correctly. Leaving this post in place in case someone else has the same question.

    - excellent mod btw. really enjoying it =)
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