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    Well this is Totally different from ANY buff checker you know.

    I dont say this because my fellow raidleader and guildmaster wrote this but also because we tested it and gave him some input.

    In his own words:

    Would you like the checking ability of XRS and the food and elixir checking of BigBrother but hate having to change settings for boss and trash and when a priest has spirit or not? Are you fed up with loladins not ensuring they have one aura each in a party? Do leeches get you down who don't eat in raids? Are you an imba raid leader? If the answer to any of these is yes then you need RaidBuffStatus - brought to you by the GM of Senatus! Download through Ace Updater now!

    So what's the extras we get which other buff-checkers dont offer:

    * Is SS up?
    * Spirit buff available?
    * Paladin auras up and not doubled? Crusader Aura up?
    * Each raider has 2 elixirs or a flask?
    * Each raider is well-fed?
    * No overlapping shadow-res aura and shadow-res buff?

    The interface is very smart, simple and small. There is a raid checker for trash-mobs and one for boss-fights.

    This is just a few things I remember now but there is more and more coming at rapid speed. It's ACE, it's light, it's all you need to lead ;)

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    I changed the add-ons folder to the right location in my case but whatever I click the list stays empty..

    Does it only work with WoW in the regular applications-folder?
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