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    Hey Peragor,

    First I want to say thank you. I don't think I would of played a Healing type class after WoW 2.0 if it wasn't for this mod.

    My question to you is how are spell recommendations coming along? Also just a weird question. Sometimes HealPriority is still showing 1st even when not in combat. Is there anyway around this?

    Thanks again
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    Is there anyway that we can get GridStatusPriority working again? Ever since 2.4 hit it hasn't worked. Just not sure how to get it working again as it does not show up on the GridStatus area's and it's not found in the frame addon area.

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    Looks like to be Nurfed UI atleast the unreleased version of it.

    Quote from jd83 »

    Alright, so over the last 2 weeks or so I have been trying to hunt down the unit frames that I saw from a video.

    I tracked it down to a Korean site, but can't download them as I need to register for Naver. The site is in Korean, which wasn;t the problem as I was able to translate the site and get pretty far in the process, but there is a confirmation code that is phoned in, so I couldn't finalize it.

    Anyway, the unit frames seem to be Pitbull or Discord. I'm not quite sure.

    The buffs/debuffs of the target and the debuffs of the player are easily done through other mods, but the rest of it is beyond my capability. I attempted it with Pitbull, but it came out quite sloppily.

    These are the unit frames that I am wanting.

    Anybody able to determine the layout? If there is one, that is.

    Or, if anybody is daring (read super amazing) enough to create these. Would forever love you.
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    Quote from cladhaire »

    Bugs: That's just plain old not true. What unit frames. Every other frame I have rightbutton is bound perfectly

    Features: Read the thread, its coming =)

    Sorry forgot to mention the frame...Both MG 64Pre4 and Nurfed ALpha (6.30.06)
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    Nice addon

    Bugs --

    One can't assign anything to Right click. This is the same trouble Lozorath ran into (DUF, GB) with Group Buttons. The only way he fixed it was to remap the right click button to something else.

    Features --

    Auto Rank or Rank healing needs to be put in. I don't run a lot of raids, and mostly I'm helping friends out in Lower instances. Why should I cast Greater Heal Rank 4 on a Level 20 Warrior? Thats a huge Overheal and kaboom we are all dead.
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