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    Quote from deep »

    Yes, but it works for mobs. You can even ride away, so that the mob disappears because it's 200 yards away (or whatever that range is) and the focus unitframe will disappear, too. When you return and the mob comes back into your view range, the focus unitframe will reappear. It's awesome. :P

    omg, something that can be used for managing our Crow Controls targets too ?
    sounds really cool for my druid and my mage with some fights
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    Hi, I'm using this addon for more than 2 weeks and it replaced nicely DAB I used for really long time

    Just 1 option I missed, and I didnt saw in this thread, is the ability to set pet bar on 2 lines, as I like to have my buttons for aggressive, defend and passive just under the attack, stay and follow buttons. (so I can group my pet actions with my pet life/mana bar)
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