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    I noticed something odd happening with Omen in our BT raid tonight. It was showing wildly unrealistic threat generation for myself, such as 2500TPS+ on Supremus. I was even generating close to 1000TPS on targets I wasn't hitting. We also noticed one of our hunters didn't show up on Omen at all. For some reason Omen was showing both my own and the hunter's threat as being mine. This problem lasted continuously for several boss fights and a lot of trash clear, so it wasn't a temporary issue, and the hunter's threat for all those fights was displayed as mine. The problem vanished as mysteriously as it had appeared clearing the trash to Bloodboil, possibly after said hunter had died once. I play a druid tank if it makes any difference.
    I was using the 79986.3 version published a day before, and the hunter had a recent version too.
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