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    Just Checked the settings and found i had enabled Aggro-warning... :/. Going to check if it works now correctly...
    Here's what's left after disabling Aggro:

    Guess it will work now.

    Big Thanks for your help, Pastamancer

    edit: Just found the time to test it and it works fine =). Thanks a lot
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    Hi there,
    I appoligize for initially failing to write in english - simply didn't think about it :/...
    Using the search function i couldn't find something that fits on this problem - another sorry if i just missed it :/.
    Some days ago, i installed Grid and experienced a huge improvement of comfortability (does this word exist?!) while healing. But i got to admit there appeared a problem, which i couldn't solve on my own. My healthbars would keep not showing the amount of health of the partymember (/myself), occasionally. Actually, the numeric 'Life-lost' indicator does the trick - so it isn't depending on lag or something. Here are two screenshots, which should show, what i mean:


    Used Grid-Version:

    I find this AddOn really nice and would be happy for every help someone offers :).

    I got two additional questions, which aren't that important: The menu allows me to choose from different skins for my healthbar. Is there a way to make it just show a simple bar without any stars / lines / flowers / stars /whatever on it?
    and the second one is not really having anything to do with grid, but is definately not worth an own thread: Why keeps Decursive saying "PlayerX has been blaclisted for 5 seconds" - am I hitting a shortcut accidently?

    However - all in all you guys do a very very nice job improving overall game experience! Thank you,


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