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    Our guild's DKP is based off a fixed-cost zero-sum system & was just wondering how hard/demanding it is going to be to create these options. I have no experience with editing actual WoW files and only slight experience with html type codes. I have no problem reading up but I'd kind of like to know how long it's going to take to get from "point A to point B" per say. I'll just throw out our system's features and if anyone with knowledge about the customization of this add can help, I would much appreciate it :)

    - Zero sum DKP w/ fixed prices
    - Guild Bank will "purchase" any undesired items in T5+ raids so that ppl get somewhat of a guaranteed amt of dkp as long as we're downing bosses. (for eqdkp, we just made a fake toon called guild bank and it's as if he "buys" all this stuff. Since we're zero-sum we divide by 26 instead of 25 to account for the bank) ---- This is purely an incentive based thing to reward those who come out as we grind through learning new bosses. As we get into more of SSC and can do 3 or 4 bosses in 1 night easy, we'll probably drop this for T5 stuff too. So this isn't of huge importance, customization wise for DKPmon
    - +dkp for those who show up on time
    - +dkp for time spent
    - As long as a member has enough dkp to cover the cost of an item & has been to at least 70% of the raids over the past 30 or 60 days, he/she can roll on it. Hence we don't give out loot based off who has the highest amt of DKP in order to deter ppl from hoarding massive amts and give newer members a chance to save if they want

    This last issues brings forth another question as to whether or not exporting the DKPmon's data to EQDKP will create a whole bunch of raids and possibly mess up ppl's % of raids attended? Seeing as how we use zero-sum, anytime we change members mid-raid or after a certain boss we have to create a new raid in EQDKP if we have anymore drops obtained from the new group, whether they be from a later boss or trash.

    Sorry for the wordiness, but any help at all would be ridiculously helpful. :)
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