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    posted a message on WAU 1.9.44 Vista32 Protected Memory Crash at startup
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    That is the same error message I was getting. Check your log file prob looks something like the one I posted on the official thread (http://www.wowace.com/forums/index.php?topic=8308.160). If so, look at the ad line and disable the site from your hosts file(I also noticed that it crashed right before the ad loading and seemed to be random like it was dependant on what ad). Not sure if bad ads or something bad in the cache (kind of surprised more people don't have it - guess it could be that not alot of people are using Vista yet and it is specific to it). Anyway..hope it works - cleared up all the crashes for me.

    I am a complete nub at this. I think I found the hosts file, but it was for windows updates I believe. Can you give more detail on how to make this change?
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