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    posted a message on WowAce's Packagemancer and http://files.wowace.com/
    Looks realy nice now, some colored frames for better visibility for the typical Ace look and feel and you are pretty close to some realy nice feature for your site - thanks for your time putting into this project, it realy rocks!

    A nice feature which came to my mind after first time use: "It doesn't save my settings!" May it be that somebody don't like the Blue-Cookie-Monster of our youth? ;-)

    I like to sort by last update - best would be "show all updated addons in the last 24 hours" since it may happen that more than 25 addons are updated.

    Or some type of userinteraction with this 25 addons per page value... Show 10/25/50/100/All

    Thanks for reading!

    Sibul of Gilneas-EU
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