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    I recently came back to playing after a short break WoW and gathered all the latest versions of the addons I'd been using over the summer. I use PitBull for my userframes, and I'm having some trouble with the incoming heals that I'm sure were possible before. The problems is that I can see the green bar that indicates the amount that's going to be added when I heal myself on both my unitframe and that of my target, in this case myself. But I can't get the green bar on other players when in battlegrounds, it's not a big deal but it was really useful in making sure I wasn't overhealing too much. I tried searching these forums and others, and I most problems relating to incoming heals seem to focus on the raidframes and on Grid. I tried disabling GridIncomingHeals but that made no difference, the incoming heals still work on my own character but not on others.

    Hopefully that description makes sense, if not I can make some screenshots.

    -edit; further playing suggest it's a problem for characters on different realms. I'll guess I have to assume it's no longer possible.
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