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    I appologize if someone else had mentioned this but if you are in a raid and someone has the "Traces of Silithyst" buff it shows on the raid frames as "Intervened"
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    Quote from Lanacan »

    For some reason my auction frame doesnt' get reskined with oskin. I run KC_Items along with  auction sort and was wondering if this may be causing a conflict at all. Is this a problem for anyone else?

    Quote from Greywind »

    Yeah its a problem for me too and i dont run any AH mods :(

    Mobile Frames breaks the skin change with AH/Macro windows (probably others)... not sure if that is your problem, but it was mine. So currently if you have any mod that changes the way the window works, try disabling it.
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    In an effort to help speed up the logistics of raids, I've been looking into an easy way to save a raid layout of various encounters with specific group setups. The addon that I'm looking to be replaced with something more efficient/effective is RaidTemplate: http://www.curse-gaming.com/en/wow/addons-3528-1-raidtemplate.html

    From the original addons description:
    Raid Template enables you to automate arranging raid groups. Rather than manually move each person around until the groups "look right", you just select the desired template and hit apply. The groups are then arranged to fit the template as closely as possible.

    Creating a template is easy. When you create one, it uses a snapshot of the current raid as the basis. You can then make modifications if necessary.

    At this stage in the game, most Guilds know what they're ideal groups are for various encounters, an addon like this would save some of the downtime and frustration of rearranging groups or allow for new raid leaders to easily adapt.

    Hoping that someone will see the benefits of this and pick this up as a project - or others make suggestions to similar mods (I haven't found any...). Unfortunately, I've given up my coding days :P... thoughts?
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