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    posted a message on FuBar - QuestsFu
    Just a note for anyone who is/was using ExtendedQuestLog (EQL), which was breaking QuestsFu (and other mods):

    A group of EQL users have released a new unofficial version of EQL (3.7.1) which fixes the issue. Everything is now working fine between EQL and QuestsFu.

    You can find EQL 3.7.1 at: http://ui.worldofwar.net/ui.php?id=1676
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    posted a message on Cartographer - Guild Positions
    I absolutely love Cartographer, and so does my guild. It's a fantastic add-on, and I really commend the developers.

    However, I have to agree with Phanx here. I too think that the Guild Position code should be separated into it's own module (Cartographer_GuildPosition or Cartographer_Guild). The same could be said of some of the other sections currently included with Cartographer.

    One of the nice parts with FuBar (for example) is that the base add-on is just a core. It doesn't include any modules by default, allowing the user to determine exactly what they want installed. Sure the modules can be disabled from within Cartographer (a great feature BTW), but some people would just like the ability not to install the modules in the first place.

    You could still package things together in official releases, but having a separate folder named "Cartographer_GuildPositions" (or whatever) gives users at least some ability to easily remove the modules they don't wish to use.
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    Quote from Zidomo »

    Quote from wmrojer »

    I didn't have the code left for seperate bags display. So I don't see that happening anytime soon.

    (sobs uncontrollably)

    Some people like a single bag. Others like the Blizzard (and other MMORPG) separate bag layout. In my case (as well as many others, I'm sure), it takes me ten times longer trying to find things in a single bag frame than it does in frames that mirror the layout of what the character actually has. So a single frame is next to useless here. Despite the monumentally improved memory & resource usage of CharacterInfo, due to this issue I just can't move over to it.

    In terms of screen space, this is not something you'll be bringing up in combat. If you have the frames separate but very close together, they won't take appreciably more space than a single frame does (unless unneeded things like graphical borders & titles are added). And you can also make the frames semi-transparent with very little additional code for facilitating more effective screen space usage (seeing chat frames behind them, etc.). You can also make the frames movable--in a group (as with a single frame) or individually. And so on.

    The screen space issue is a very minor one compared to the unfortunate uselessness of a single frame for folks like me. There is nothing wrong with a single frame in theory, but different people process information differently. Which means for many people, a single frame has little utility. One way of being able to deal with information is not "better" or "worse" than the other, just different.

    So I really hope you reconsider separate bag frames as an option for this otherwise great piece of code. You will likely get more converts from CharactersViewer if you do, as well.

    I'm with Zidomo here. I love the concept behind CharacterInfo, but I just can't manage the big-bag inventory. I'm very meticulous about how I organize my bags on both my character and my bank. It makes it very easy to find things. When everything gets jumbled together into a single bag, it destroys that organization.

    I realize people have preferences. As such, I'd love to see an option to switch between big-bag and individual-bag layouts.

    Since you can't manipulate the inventory snapshots within the profile, there's less need for the icons to be as big as they are in the default interface. Shrinking the size of slots may help alleviate the screen-space problem, though I must say I never considered it a problem while using CharacterProfiler.

    Thanks for the great add-on. I hpe to take advantage of it in the future.
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    posted a message on Is ther an ace-version of this ? [Guildorganizer]

    The main feature such a mod should have:

    • group multiple characters together (so you could for example group all the character of a particular player together for easy reference)

    • do typical guild tasks, such as guild invites/booting, promoting/demoting, setting public and officer notes, setting he MoTD

    • view a list of characters in a larger and more robust list than the Blizzard guild tools

    Much thanks to anyone who is willing to try to resurrect such a great mod!
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    posted a message on ElkBuffBar(s) Question
    I couldn't find an official thread for ElkBuffBar, so I'm posting here (as it's the most recent related thread).

    I upgraded to r24427 (posted on the files archive on Jan. 10th). Since then, I've noticed my timers (especially for my poisons, as I was playing my rogue mostly) weren't displaying properly.

    Despite the time remaining left in the text on the bar being accurate, the actual bar itself was diminishing far too slowly. For my 30-minute poisons, the bar seemed to diminish only maybe 1/8 over the course of the entire 30-minutes. By the time my poison expired, the bar was still nearly full.
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    posted a message on CBRipoff
    CBRipoff doesn't currently handle the flight timer, as whenever I'm in flight, I get a default Blizzard progressbar. Would it be posible to add such functionality to CBRipoff?

    I hope this request doesn't generate as much backlash as my last one (that started this thread).

    To Note: I'm using FlightMap and Cartographer. I'm not sure what generates the flight timer specifically.
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    posted a message on Chronometer (Ace2'ed AceTimer)
    Would it be possible to add an option to place the spell icon on the right side of the bar, instead of the left?

    Thanks! I love this add-on.
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    posted a message on Learn2Count?
    Quote from Jerry »

    Adding support for a new Action bar replacement is relatively easy. Look in the "Default" folder.

    Mostly you need to know the name of the action button and register them with the addon. If Trinitybars use a specific API to set the count on action button, you need to hook it to replace it by the one from lern2count.

    If you get this working with TrinityBars, please post it. I miss my reagent counts on my buttons since I switched to TB from Bongos.

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    posted a message on Bartender3 - Action Bar AddOn for WoW 2.0
    OK. I've toyed with BarTender here and there, but have stuck with Bongos thus far. As a former DAB user, the main feature I'm looking for in an actionbar is the ability to have numerous actionbars of varying sizes, two of which must be able to swap on stances/forms/stealth.

    So I have a questions/request:

    Does Bartender3 have the ability to set bars of varying sizes without sacrificing any of the 120 buttons available in the UI?

    What I mean is, I want the following setup:

    Bar 1 = 8 Buttons with 4 Stances (32 buttons total)
    Bar 2 = 12 Buttons
    Bar 3 = 12 Buttons
    Bar 4 = 10 Buttons
    Bar 5 = 18 Buttons
    Bar 6 = 6 Buttons with 4 Stances (24 Buttons total)
    Bar 7 = 12 Buttons
    TOTAL = 120 Buttons

    I currently run this setup using 60 bars of 2 buttons each in Bongos. It works, but is a pain to setup, which happens too often as new versions of Bongos tend to kill old profiles.

    If this isn't possible (and I haven't found how it is): I'd like to request it as a feature.
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    posted a message on Importing Gatherer Notes via Cartographer_Import
    Thanks Kagaro!
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    posted a message on Importing Gatherer Notes via Cartographer_Import
    Quote from Kagaro »

    you have corrupted data in your save file, causing both gatherer and cartographer_import to crap out

    I see. So I guess I'm screwed. I can try an even older database, but that's likely not even worth it.

    Any idea how the data would become corrupt?
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    posted a message on Importing Gatherer Notes via Cartographer_Import
    Several guildies and I are trying to import our old (pre-2.0) Gatherer data into Cartographer. We've followed the guide at http://www.wowace.com/forums/index.php?topic=2951.msg71442#msg71442:

    How i got all my mining and herb data imported from gather Smiley Its late so dont mind the typos.

    Make sure u have got version Gatherer- installed and edit its toc from 11200 to 20000

    Install the Cartographer addons: mining/herb/opening/Treasure/Import/etc and ensure u have a gather.lua file in ur saved varibles Dir

    Fire up WOW, check that u have all the above addons enabled and enter game.

    Once in game look at ur chat log and roll up, u should see something along the lines of import done and if u roll up further u will see that its importing each of ur herb/ore/treasue/etc locations.

    If ur on either ur miner or herb press m to bring up map and click Cartographer button then disable and reenable the mining/herb module depending upon which ur playing.

    Now do a /reloadui

    Repeat the process for any onther herb/miners u have. I only have 1 herb and 1 miner so i just did this for each and all my data was imported sucsesfuly.

    You should no have all ur herbs/ore/treasure on ur maps. remember that u can only see loc at the moment with toons that have the mining or herb skill.

    Hope this works, it took a few error reports and a bug fix b4 i got the data imported but now its there it works a treat.

    Hope this helps and soz about typos dead on me feet here.


    however I never get the "import successful" text (or anything at all from Cartographer) that is described. I do however get the following 7 errors, all related to either Gatherer or XCartographer_Import:

    [2007/01/08 17:48:31-175-x1]: Cartographer_Import-1.0\Import.lua:247: Babble-Zone-2.2: Reverse translation for "nil" does not exist
    <in C code>: ?
    AceEvent-2.0-23383 (Ace2):251: in function `TriggerEvent'
    AceEvent-2.0-23383 (Ace2):962: in function <Interface\AddOns\Ace2\AceEvent-2.0\AceEvent-2.0.lua:955>

    2007/01/08 17:47:58-175-x1]: Gatherer\Gatherer.lua:1693: attempt to call a table value
    Gatherer\Gatherer.lua:120: in function `Gatherer_OnLoad'
    <string>:"Gatherer:OnLoad":2: in function <[string "Gatherer:OnLoad"]:1>

    [2007/01/08 17:47:58-175-x1]: Gatherer\GathererInfo.lua:40: attempt to index global 'arg' (a nil value)
    <string>:"GathererInfo_DialogFrame:OnLoad":2: in function <[string "GathererInfo_DialogFrame:OnLoad"]:1>

    [2007/01/08 17:48:03-175-x1]: Gatherer\GathererUI.lua:270: attempt to call a table value
    Gatherer\GathererUI.lua:252: in function `GathererUI_InitializeOptions'
    Gatherer\GathererUI.lua:51: in function `GathererUI_OnEvent'
    <string>:"GathererUI:OnEvent":2: in function <[string "GathererUI:OnEvent"]:1>

    [2007/01/08 17:48:32-175-x1]: Gatherer\Gatherer.lua:675: attempt to call a table value
    Gatherer\Gatherer.lua:585: in function `Gatherer_OnEvent'
    <string>:"Gatherer:OnEvent":2: in function <[string "Gatherer:OnEvent"]:1>

    [2007/01/08 17:47:58-175-x1]: <string>:"GathererUI_CheckHideIcon:OnClick":3: unexpected symbol near ';'

    2007/01/08 17:48:34-175-x6]: Gatherer\GathererUI.lua:270: attempt to call a table value
    Gatherer\GathererUI.lua:60: in function `GathererUI_OnEvent'
    <string>:"GathererUI:OnEvent":2: in function <[string "GathererUI:OnEvent"]:1>

    To note, I am using Gatherer (with the TOC edited as described), Cartographer r24038, and Cartographer_Import r23890.

    Any help would be appreciated.
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    posted a message on Cartographer
    Quote from Whitter »

    I updated gatherer to the new alpha for 2.0.0 the other week and have been have a sizable database, but I mate has pointed me to Cartographer which with all its feature I think is great. But the alpha version of gatherer has changed the way it save the gathered data so it is not being import.

    Please please please fix, I love all these neat features too much

    Yeah. Some of my guildies are reporting that Cartographer doesn't seem to be importing any data from the newer versions of Gatherer.

    Please, if you make any changes, retain the ability to import pre-2.0 Gatherer databases however.
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    posted a message on Hemlock (super-minimalistic poison maker)
    Works great for me. Thanks for the wonderful mod, Antiarc.
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    posted a message on DrDamage/TheoryCraft Mod for Melee/Ranged
    I've been using DrDamage for a while now, and I must say that I love the mod. However, one feature of TheoryCraft that I miss is the ability to see information pertaining to Melee/Ranged abilities (ie: non-spells).

    Now, I understand the design intent of DrDamage is to be clean and small, and thus to only focus on spell info. So my request is:

    A DrDamage-like add-on specifically for Melee and Ranged abilities. I should not track and spell information (that's for DrDamage to do), but only give info for non-spell abilities.

    Anyone willing to take up such an idea: I thank you in advance.
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