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    Fantastic mod, Gagorian!

    Any chance of a control panel or FuBar plugin to make adjusting the setting easier? I'm really dislike pure slash-command setups for anything beyond the simplest of mods (I'm a stickler for GUI).

    Despite my pickiness, I love it though. Keep up the great work!
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    1. The issue I reported earlier regarding the Herbalism module becoming disabled whenever I mounted/dismounted (seemed to be caused by Outfitter) seemed to be fixed with yesterday's Cartographer build I played with last night.

    2. OK, so I'm a damn dirty liar! ;p The main text in Cartographer isn't as big as I had reported in my earlier post (http://www.wowace.com/forums/index.php?topic=2951.msg71717#msg71717) – strange how the memory emphasizes things – however it'd still be nice to have the ability to scale the font size, or possibly move it to the top-right corner.

    Here's a screeny (I'm referring to the text at the top-center of the Cartographer window):

    3. I was adventuring last night, gathering herbs galore in Swamp of Sorrows, when I was reminded of a feature available in Gatherer that I'd really love to see in Cartographer:

    A searchable database of nodes

    In Gatherer, you can search for a specific type of herb/mineral, and get a list of locations that that node has been found. This is great for when you need to farm a specific resource and can't remember the best place to do it. Such a feature in Cartographer_Herbalism and Cartographer_Mining would be wonderful.

    4. I spent a bit of time in Un'Goro last night, and found the Power Crystal tracking feature of Cartographer_Treasure (or is it Cartographer_Opening... not sure as I have both installed) fantastic. However, the notes it was creating for the crystal nodes didn't list which colour of crystal the node was.

    I'm not sure who the developer of either of those modules is, but it's pretty important (to me at least) to know the colour of the crystal node, as your usually looking for a specific type. Ideally, I'd like to see the icon used for the node in the proper colour (rather than it only being noted in the tooltip) for easier (and quicker) reference.
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    I'm not sure if others get the same (unlikely), but I'm using Cartographer along with ClearFont2. My UI scale is at 70%, and Cartographer map is set to 75% size within the Cartographer options.

    Pretty much everything works well, except for the main text when pointing to a zone/region on the map. The text that displays the zone name, level range, and instances within the zone are... enormous (I'll try to get a screenshot later).

    I've looked within Cartographer, and the only settings I can find regarding text size are for tooltip text, and don't seem to make a difference on the main text that displays at the upper-center of the map (as described above).

    Is there any way to change that main text size, and if not, could you please add one.

    Much thanks!
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    I'd love to see an event scheduling system along the lines of GEM (http://wow.curse-gaming.com/en/files/details/4897/guild-event-manager/) or GroupCalendar (http://ui.worldofwar.net/ui.php?id=1675).

    Such an add-on such feature:
    • the ability to automatically share data among the guild (ability to share cross-guild would be great too)
    • the ability to schedule instance runs/raids/world bosses/Battlegrounds
    • the ability to set class-distribution for the event (ie: the number of each class that is wished on the event)
    • the ability to sign-up for a scheduled event, or put oneself in a "reserve" status for an event
    • the ability to pull-out of an event you've signed-up for
    • a simple way for users of the mod to know when an event has been scheduled, or to notify them of when an event they're signed-up for is about to start (a minimap button and/or FuBar plugin would be best)

    I thank anyone willing to take on such a task in advance!
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    posted a message on ATSW-like Tradeskill Frame
    I'd love to see something akin to Advanced Trade Skill Window (http://ui.worldofwar.net/ui.php?id=2092) Ace2-ified.

    It should:
    • be compatible with all crafting tradeskills, including Poisonmaking
    • present a recipe list as well as the recipe itself at the same time (a 2+ section frame)
    • sorting of recipes by various methods (name, skill required, category)
    • the ability to list how many of a recipe can be made with materials in your bags/bank
    • the ability to click on craftable ingredients and be taken to the recipe for that inredient in question (such as looking at he recipe for "Waterbreathing Potion", and being able to click the "Blackmouth Oil" within the recipe's ingredients and be taken to the recipe for Blackmouth Oil)
    • a queing system would be greatly appreciated

    If anyone's willing to undertake such a task, I thank you in advance!
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    posted a message on Mail To Dropdown
    I think this would be fairly simple to implement *though I could be wrong):

    I'd love to see a basic Ace2 add-on that adds a dropdown menu to the mail target field, that allows you to add names that you commonly send mail to, and select them easily.

    This is one of the basic features of the MailTo add-on (http://wow.curse-gaming.com/en/files/details/5558/mailto-next/)

    The add-on should include the following (and little else):
    • the ability to add and remove names to a dropdown list available from the mail target field in the mail composition window
    • the list should be able to be shared among multiple characters
    • the add-on should also retain the last selected mail target, so you don't have to select the same name over and over for multiple mails to the same person

    Thanks in advance if anyone's willing to undertake this!
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    posted a message on EQCompare: mod for QuickCompare/EquipCompare replacement.
    Quote from Tinface »

    The author of this addon has not been active here since Nov. 17th according to his profile so I'd guess it is dead.

    Last released update on the SVN was on Dec. 7.
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    Quote from Kagaro »

    hmm i dont kow what outfitter is trying to do, that would cause it to disable herbalism. ill look into it

    Yeah, I found it odd, as everything had been working before. I'll try today's Cartographer build tonight, and see if anything has been fixed. If I get anymore info, I'll let you know.
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    I was having an odd problem last night. Whenever I'd mount or dismount, the Herbalism module would be disabled, and I'd have to manually re-enable it from the Cartographer menu.

    I did a bit of testing, and it seemed to be a conflict with the "Riding" gear set in Outfitter, as when I disabled that set in Outfitter, everything worked fine.

    For reference, I was running:

    • Cartographer r23047
    • Cartographer_Herbalism r22870
    • Outfitter v1.52
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    posted a message on SCT 6.0 / SCTD 3.0

    Is it possible to get SCT or SCTD to report when Mace Specialization stun procs?

    When it does proc, my combat log report in white text:

    Naga Explorer is afflicted by Mace Stun Effect.

    Because it's white text, and not attributed directly to me, I think it's why I can't get it to report.
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    Quote from lochnar »

    feature request: a keybinding to set filters to none and then back again to setting before first keypress

    I have to agree with this request (or simply have a trio of buttons on the map for hiding all Mineral Nodes, Herb Nodes, and Map Notes, respectively). I installed the gather.reet.org data files yesterday, and found my Tanaris map buried under Firebloom nodes. It was bad enough, that I uninstalled the database (reverting to my old one), as I had trouble seeing the map through the node markers.
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    Quote from Skulli »

    should be possible if the addon uses the guild addon channel to broadcast those notes. should also be an option to broadcast all own nodes, not only if you pick one up.
    so you can share all your nodes.
    and seperate option if you wanna parse the addon channel for nodes or not.

    Yeah. As I said, would make the most sense as a separate Cartographer module. Cartographer_Share, or something like that.

    Toggleable options would be something like:
    • Share New Nodes
    • Add Nodes Shared By Others

    And a special command, such as: "Share Complete Node Database" would be available, for dumping your entire DB to others.
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    posted a message on Bartender3 - Action Bar AddOn for WoW 2.0
    I was a user of DAB up until 2.0 went live. Since it broke DAB, I switched to Bongos, but find myself (as I'm sure many others do) using more and more Ace add-ons. As such, I'm interested in Bartender3.

    Because of the way I like my layout, I have a tendency to use alot of buttons on screen. This can cause me issues with trying to setup actionbars for my Warrior and Druid, as it can be difficult to scrounge up enough unused buttons to have up to 4 stances.

    With Bongos, I've gone with having each button as it's own individual actionbar. This allows me to use all 120 buttons in the configuration I like.

    Does Bartender3 currently allow 120 actionbars (with 1 button each), is is it limited to 12 actionbars?
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    Quote from KnThrak »

    On a more useful note - mapnote-sending/sharing would rock. Still the easiest way to point someone to a location :)

    I have no idea how much overhead it would add, but:

    The latest version of Gatherer seems to have an auto-share option (on by default) for sharing resource nodes with guildies. One of my guildies was mining, and every once in a while I'd see a bit of text in the console telling me Gatherer added a mining node from him.

    It'd be interesting to see such an option for Cartographer. I'd suggest it as a separate module from Herbalism/Mining, so people could simply omit it if they don't want it.

    Also, are there any plans for a module to track treasure nodes (or does Cartographer already have this?)
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    Quote from Sariash »

    I hated the raidicons as mapnotes icons since they appeared in cartographer ... but the rest of cartographer gets better with every day ;-)

    I don't mind them, but I'd like to see a way to scale them (if there already is such a feature, please ignore my ignorance). They could also use something to punch them up a bit, and make them stand out more (possibly thicker outlines, or double – White and Black – outlines).

    Another request would be to remove the black background on herb/mining node markers. By having the background of the square icon there, it tends to obscure things more. In that respect, I like the alpha-mapped icons on Gatherer more.
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