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    Thanks for the Gatherer databases, gentlemen. I'll be trying them out this evening.

    I also wanted to send a big Thank You out to ckknight. Cartographer is absolutely awesome. I was an early-adopter of MetaMap, and have been using it for a long time. I've found it's gotten pretty bloated recently though. Cartographer is perfect, and I love the extensibility of it. Great job!
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    Quote from Varuna »


    and please a complete list of all frames!

    I agree. A list of at least the default UI frames (though something with most add-on frames as well would be very helpful) is a must. MoveAnything has it, so why not VisorGUI.

    Now the good news: in my hourly scanning of the files directory, I have found a new addition, in the form of Visor2GUI! Find it here:

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    Cinedelle, thanks for the update. I'll be giving it a try tomorrow.
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    Quote from alexgieg »

    Is that true that no addon can use items? I've heard it to be the case for in-combat situations, but that for out-of-combat ones it would still be possible, provided a hardware event triggered the effect. Has this been changed too? :(

    I really hope not! I'll miss badly being able to click TransporterFu for hearthing...

    Yeah, I've got several add-ons that are running under WoW 2.0, that can use items. I don't think they work in combat, but there's definitely a way to get them working out of combat in 2.0.
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