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    Quote from Xinhuan »

    Don't use !!standalonelibraries, it is obsolete.
    In your WAU preferences, if you use WAU:[/quuote]

    Should probably be removed from the SVN then.

    [quote=Xinhuan ]
    Turn on "Automatic Dependency Download"
    Turn off "Default mode WITH externals"

    And just choose the addons you want to update/install.

    Is there any real benefit to using WITH externals, other than not having a bunch of libraries occupying the top level of your addons folder?
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    Cool. That's basically as I understood it.

    Any details on !!!StandaloneLibraries or using "Automatically Download Dependencies"?

    Yeah, I was expecting there to be a wiki page on it - especially one attached to the WAU wiki page, but couldn't find anything. If no one else does, I'll take the info in this thread and create a page for it.
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    Quote from JaedxRapture »

    Yes that's looking quite nice. I'm just waiting for it to mature until I get it though.

    My only issue with it (from a technical standpoint) was that AuctionFilterPlus did not get along with it (prevented the search results list from building). Since I didn't use AFP much, I de-installed it and all was good.

    AucAdvanced still needs some polish (as I mentioned). The lack of a scan button is a bit of a pain (I hate having to remember slash commands), and the seach results list is a bit small for my eyes. But the performance gain is phenomenal, and background scans (logging auction data of the pages you browse) is great, since it ensures you have data on the items that really matter to you even if you're not scanning regularly.

    It hurt a bit to lose all my old data with the switch (and there's no plan to allow importing of Auctioneer 4 data), but it's not a big deal as the numbers were off due to long-term skewing anyways.
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    With the switchover of ckknight's addons to Rock this week and the bugs that came with that switch, I've read various comments about updating either with or without externals and automatically downloading dependencies.

    I've done some searching, but haven't come across any good resources on the difference between these settings, what the benefits are to the end user of one over the other (I've read about and experienced performance gains switching to without+automatic dependencies), and whether or not !!!StandaloneLibraries is required.

    Can someone please explain these differences so there's a reference for we non-developers.

    Much Appreciated!
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    Have you checked out the public preview of Auctioneer Advanced? It's essentially Auctioneer v5, but is a complete rewrite from the ground up.

    I've been using if for about a week now, and I have to say for the most part I'm quite impressed. There are still some missing features (and those than need some tweaking), but it's memory footprint is 20% of what it used to be for me.

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    posted a message on Request - Ace2 Fubar as a stand alone addon (like FubarAced or smth)
    Speaking of efficiency: how is a separate Ace2 FuBar project going to allow for better efficiency?

    If such a project were to exist, developers of the numerous FuBar plugins would have to develop their addons to use two different libraries. This would either further bog down performance (as the addon would have to load both Ace2 and Rock libs) or require the developer to maintain two separate builds. That's a loss of efficiency for the developer (taking more time to develop the same thing twice), and makes things more difficult to manage from a user perspective ("Oh crap, I DLed FuBar-Ace2-GuildFu_rXXXX instead of FuBar-Rock-GuildFu_rXXXX"). Its more work all around for little-to-no gain.

    If you have the libraries as separate addons instead of being embedded in each addon you have installed (I can honestly say I'm still confused as to whether that is WITH or WITHOUT Externals), you greatly improve your load times. I tested this last night. By doing so, you're only forcing the lib code to be loaded into memory once, instead of once for each addon that uses it (or so is my understanding). So in such a case, even if Ace and Rock use completely different libs (which isn't supposed to be the case in the end) than you still only loading 2 sets of libs instead of 1 set for each of your dozens (or even hundreds) of addons. Effeciency should still be good.

    NOTE: I'll be the first to admit I am no expert on LUA, memory mechanics, or frameworks, and so it's quite possible me entire text above is incorrect. I apologizxe if that's the case, but this is my current understanding.
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    Quote from Elkano »

    no, colors will stay per group. but why don't you simply create a new group for these buffs?

    Because I never thought of that ;p

    Thanks. I'll give that a try.
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    posted a message on Request - Ace2 Fubar as a stand alone addon (like FubarAced or smth)
    Quote from lapalapa »

    please, ckk, do it, or at least give your blessings to community to do it, so people can still develop it and dl with updaters.
    of course same goes to others addons.
    please dont force people to do what they dont want to.

    thanks a lot, you are a great developer and your work is appreciated by thousands of wow players, and i am sure a lot of people would thank you for that.

    To my knowledge there is no way CK (or any addon developer) can stop someone or a community from using their code to continue an old project, start a new project, or create something compatible with that developers work (just look at what's been going on between KTM and Omen). if the Ace community wants to maintain Ace2FuBar, they can go ahead and do so.

    With that said, I don't see a need. The only real difference from a user standpoint between the old Ace2 fuBar and the new Rock one is the configuration system (going from DewDrop to Rock Config). There's always the possibility that CK will create something akin to DewDrop for Rock (the framework is only a month old), and as it stands now there doesn't seem to be any issue with Rock-based FuBar running Ace2 plugins. The libraries are to be mostly shared between Rock and Ace3, so I don't see where the real issue is.

    For the most part, the vast majority of players using FuBar don't have a clue about frameworks and such. They use it because they like it, and often only download major updates from the big distribution sites rather than using WAU for daily/weekly SVN builds. Those users won't care about the Rock change, unless they hate Rock Config enough to stop using the mod.

    As far as updaters, WAU is not restricted to Ace addons. Hence the reason FuBar, Pitbull, Cartographer and the other Rock addons still exist there. No worries.
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    Quote from Halgrimm »

    It almost works. The problem is that the PLAYER_FLAGS_CHANGED event fires when you turn your PvP flag off and not when the flag actually turns off. Since the PvP flag actually takes 5 minutes to turn off this causes the grid status to stay on permanently. After a little digging I found that the UNIT_FACTION event fires correctly for this. So a simple search and replace of PLAYER_FLAGS_CHANGED with UNIT_FACTION in the provided code makes this work quite well.

    And thank you Adelea for putting this stuff into svn.

    Sweet. I've made the changes, and created a ZIP. Feel free to install and try it:


    Adelea, can you please SVN this one too. Thanks!

    Man, I soo have to learn LUA. I miss programming (you should see the crazy PDF character sheet I created for D&D).
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    posted a message on ElkBuffBars v2 (finally Ace3 version)
    I must preface this post with the fact that I absolutely love EBB. I think it's been one of the addons I've been using the longest.

    I do however have a request:
    Would it be possible to add an option to custom colour certain kinds of buffs. For example, I'd really like the ability to colour Pally Blessings in a way that makes them more visible to me. Even moreso, on my pally, being able to highlight my current Seal would be incredibly helpful (as right now it tends to get lost in my buff list, even despite it's short duration).

    Anyways, keep up the great work.
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    posted a message on Aura & Blessing Reminder
    I've been playing my Pally for a while, and I often forget when I change auras (say, to give me resistance versus casters) to change back to my default (Retribution). As well, I sometimes forget to re-bl;ess myself, or to change my blessing back after swapping it fo whatever reason.

    So I'd like to suggest a mod that does the following:

    • Displays a pair of icons - your current Aura (showing the actual Aura icon, not the in-effect glow), and your current Blessing, as cast by you.
    • If there is no Aura or Blessing in effect, the icon is changed to something that will notify you to that fact (perhaps the default questionmark icon) and (possibly) the border colour highlights.
    • Is scalable, can be placed anywhere on screen, and can have the icons oriented vertically (one above the other) or horizontally (side-by-side).
    • <OPTIONAL> Display the time remaining on the Blessing within the icon.

    That's it. Fairly simple. The only issue I can see with this is managing icons while in a group (is there a way to determine the owner of a buff - ie: who cast it).

    Anyone willing to give it a try?
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    posted a message on Grid
    Quote from Adelea »

    Ive just added it to the svn for you.

    Thanks. I just figured I'm not the only one who'd like such a feature, and Halgrimm's code posted here works flawlessly (I've been using it for a little while without issues). I was going to upload it to the SVN myself, but then saw that there's an application process to get a SVN account. Since I'm not (yet) a dev, I didn't think that was appropriate.

    Quote from nibuca »
    Can GridStatusAFK be used as a template for a GridStatusPVP? Getting ganked at the door of Kara because someone showed up for the raid flagged for PVP and then got buffed is very annoying.

    We'll call it "GridStatusPvP". Here's my complete hack of Halgrimm's AFK code to (potentially) add PvP status. I checked, and UnitIsPVP is a valid tag, so in theory this should work (IN THEORY). I'll give it a try tonight, but if anyone else gives it a try let me know (or any coders please feel free to correct the errors I'm sure will exist).

    local L = AceLibrary("AceLocale-2.2"):new("GridStatusPvP")
    --{{{ Localization
    L:RegisterTranslations("enUS", function()
    	return {
    		["PvP"] = true,
    		["<PvP>"] = true,
    		["PvP alert"] = true,
    GridStatusPvP = GridStatus:NewModule("GridStatusPvP")
    GridStatusPvP.menuName = L["PvP"]
    --{{{ AceDB defaults
    GridStatusPvP.defaultDB = {
    	debug = false,
    	alert_pvp = {
    		text = L["<PvP>"],
    		enable = false,
    		color = { r = 0.0, g = 1.0, b = 1.0, a = 0.75 },
    		priority = 20,
    		range = false,
    GridStatusPvP.options = false
    function GridStatusPvP:OnInitialize()
    	self:RegisterStatus("alert_pvp", L["PvP alert"], nil, true)
    function GridStatusPvP:OnEnable()
    function GridStatusPvP:PLAYER_FLAGS_CHANGED(unitid)
    	local settings = self.db.profile.alert_pvp
    	if string.find(unitid, "pet") then return end
    	if UnitIsPVP(unitid) then
    		self.core:SendStatusGained(UnitName(unitid), "alert_pvp",
    						(settings.range and 40),
    		self.core:SendStatusLost(UnitName(unitid), "alert_pvp")
    function GridStatusPvP:Grid_UnitJoined(name,unitid)
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    posted a message on Grid
    Quote from Pasus Nauran »

    True enough.

    I've created the files, and tested them in game. Everything works perfectly (thanks). I created a zip file of the addon, but don't know how to SVN, so I'll just link it here (from my personal FTP):


    Any developers willing to upload it to the SVN?
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    posted a message on PitBull 2.0
    Quote from Drakonnen »

    I updated WITHOUT externals and my unit frames are back.

    Yeah, WITHOUT seems to be the key. One of my guildies was having problems, so I suggested he update to without externals and all if fine now. I didn't run into the problem yesterday because I had read somewhere about trying that and did. If you switch all your addons to WITHOUT and reload them all, you'll notice a decent upgrade in game loading time and UI reloads.

    Request for PitBull:
    There is an option (or maybe it's by default) that when a heal is being cast on you, the expected heal will show on your health bar in a somewhat transparent fashion. This is a great feature.

    CK, could you please add a feature like this for showing the amount of mana a spell being cast is going to use up (kindof opposite to the way the heal is shown, but on the mana bar of the caster). This'd be helpful to me to determine if I'm about to screw my mana with a spell that'll eat it up.

    Keep up the great work.
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