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    posted a message on Pulse addon
    I'm am looking for an addon that:
    • flashes an Icon of skill or icon of choice
    • where I want,
    • when "chosen" skills or items become available to use, whether it's by cooldown or other
    • conditions like execute, dodge, parry, death etc...

    I know there are certain addons that offer some of these abilities. So far Ive found:

    Ghost pulse: only dependant on cooldowns.
    SCT: Shows text
    OmniCC: Flashes every CD that finishes on the bar.

    Maybe there are more, please help me if you know an addon that does this.

    Im looking for a versatile addon for icon pulse that I can use when for example victory rush
    becomes usable, drums are off the cooldown, execute becomes usable, a trap comes off the cooldown,
    revenge becomes usable and so on.
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    posted a message on Ghost: Pulse - Official Thread
    Would it be possible to add an option to show skill when they are ready in general independantly of cooldowns?

    Examples of this would be revenge, victory rush or execute from warrior skills:

    Revenge becomes ready to use either when cooldown finishes or after parry/dodge
    Victory rush becomes ready after landing a killing blow on target that gives honor or experience. (no cooldown)
    Execute becomes ready on targets below 20% health. (no cooldown)

    The list could go on, but my point is, would it be possible to show when siklls are ready even when it's not cooldown dependant?

    At the moment I'm using SCT to show some of these event as a text, but I would like to trade them for icons to free my interface from being spammed with tons of text.
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    posted a message on Crits and top damage addon?

    I really miss Headshot addon. If one of the coders would be so kind and make another small addon that would register crits and play "custom" sound when they occur.

    We would really appreciate that :-).

    Thank you.

    -- Rukka
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    posted a message on Recount
    Hello, I installed Recount with the coming of patch 2.4 and so far it's a great addon.
    However I've had also other reasons to install it. One of them was the ending functionality of
    fu_DPS which one by far my most favourite addon.

    With Recount I noticed the option to have RecountFU aswell, which allows displaying of
    "last fight" dps. Perfect! On the other hand, it does not work. In the RecountFU tooltip
    I notice that only session is both recorded and displayed.
    Is there a way to have it display "last fight"?

    Last night when I was playing with Recount a bit, I somehow managed to open realtime DPS graph,
    I think that was pretty neat calculations, but I can't find it now. Now I just wish I could see
    realtime dps calculated in RecountFU "fubar text".

    I apologize if this has been answered in one way or another before. I'll keep waiting.
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    posted a message on Bartender3 - Action Bar AddOn for WoW 2.0
    I have a question:

    How do I remove skills from Petbar? I know you can swap them, you can drag them from spell book, but how to remove them?

    I did a search but that didn't bring up any results on this topic and this thread is way too long to browse manually.

    Reason I'm asking this is because I only want the pet bar to have for example 7 buttons with skill on it.

    Thank you in advance for any suggestions.
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