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    Quote from Benumbed »

    Regrud: I play a shaman and have used Totems, it is planned but will be a little different kinda.

    Could you tell me more about what's planed?
    Will there be an option to modifiy the default button on the fly?
    That would be really helpfull...
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    yata seems like a great addon, but i can't make it work...
    I have the menu, but i can't find a yata bar, and when i use a totem, no timer appear anywhere...
    If you could tell me how to default it to the middle of the screen to confirgure it or something to make it appear somewhere...
    I'm lost...

    If that can help, i'm using a french client, and pitbull/bartender, if there is a chance they can interfere...

    Thanks in advance.
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    i would have another suggestion for the use of right click with sphere...
    I would like to use sphere instead of totemus, ie mainly for totems (+ spare menu for other things).
    What i like in totemus is the fact that when you use a totem, it become the "default" totem, so you can cast it again without poping the menu.

    Would it be possible to have something like that:
    Button 0 being the one appearing without oppening the menu, 1-12 the other ones.

    Button 0: left click: use
    Richt click: open/close menu

    Button 1-12: left click: use and replace button 0
    Right click: just use withou changing button 0.

    I feel it's not clear, so let's me illustrate it with an exemple...

    Let's say i'm in raid with a caster groupe.
    I chose the according totems for each category using left click, so that they become "default" button, and i can cast them back without poping menu.

    then i want to use Fire/elem or mana tide, hop, i right click on them so that they don't become default button.

    Then later i'm moved to melee group, i change the default buttons by left clicking them so they become defaut button, etc etc...

    (PS: this could be usefull even for something else than totem.. let's say i have a food menu. default is basic food, and i want to be able to use juste once a buff food. And when i have a mage available, make conjured food the default one...)
    Would it be possible?
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