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    Quote from Seerah »

    The more you know, the more you grow.

    G.I. Joe!!


    I knew there was a reason why I like you. :D

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    I agree with Starinnia.

    "...know how to open the options and turn it off."

    And knowing is half the battle. :)

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    Blizzard created the Armory website which is pretty much a glorified Character Paper Doll.

    It is open to ALL characters who play the game (although there is a slight delay on updating if you just recently logged off).

    The Armory also has other info such as Guilds, Arena, and other World of Warcraft like. The site is also used by people to check the validity of the "claims" of players and such.

    The point is the World of Warcraft info is open to the public (who wants to look for it). :)

    If a Lib/Framework/Addon want to make all or part of this publicly available info IN GAME, why shouldn't they make it available?

    Sure, one of the points is that make it "toggle" type in the Lib/Framework/Addon. I guess that should be make available, but, can you "toggle" the info at the Armory Website? If you can, please let me and EVERYONE know so we can go in Armory and TOGGLE IT OFF!

    Knowing a character's spec is really would just let you know what "role" can be best at. But, sometimes, that is really not the case either.

    You can have a Warrior with all talents to Protection, but, you when grab them for the "tank" role, you see the guy in Battle or Berserker stance all the time and making the healer heal him more and such. Of course, you can kick him out right then and there since you have been deceived by the warriors talent spec.

    On the other side, a Warrior could be Fury talents, but they can also tank. Much like a Paladin can be Retribution, but they can also heal.

    There are 3 major roles in a group. Tank, Healer, DPS.

    There are 3 types of Players. Leader, Team-player, "Don't tell me what to do".

    There are 2 groups of Players. Elitists, Non-Elitists.

    Now, I'll be waiting for an Lib/Framework/Addon that can tell me EXACTLY where a Character and his/her Player is at.

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