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    Quote from Rabbit »

    Seems to me like it should not be part of the boss module, then - it depends how often the buff would be available and what other things there are to prioritize that would be more useful to the raid as a whole, as opposed to just mages.

    I can't know these things unless you discuss the encounter with me in detail.

    A lot of the exact details of the encounter are still unknown to all but the most progressed guilds out there obviously, but what I learned from our night of tries is this:

    Every minute or so (timer is already in bigwigs), 2 groups of 3 adds spawn from opposite sides of the room. These 2 groups consist of 2 hard hitting melee type mobs and 1 mage.

    Regardless of the particular tactic a guild uses, these mobs need to be tanked and killed.

    Now, there are a lot of choices a guild can make on how exactly they deal with these mobs since they are all crowd controlable. However it is generally acknowledged that the fight is extremely dps dependant and by extension tight on the number of healers.

    The mage has a self buff that makes it's fireball attack instant cast and increases it's damage by 50%. For many reasons you do not want the mage to have this buff. First of all, your healers can't deal with 5k fireball spam at gcd rate on whatever tank you are using, together with all the other dmg that's going on. Secondly, if you can get your own mages to spellsteal the buff, instant cast pyro's at 50% increased dmg could help on the high dps requirement.

    So, to recap, in order of priority:

    1. The raid needs to know that the add has the buff so it can be removed in time before he rapes your tank. Removing the buff can be done by many classes so I don't consider this a mage only warning at all.

    2. If a mage is in a position to spellsteal the buff and has both enough time and mana to keep this up, they will want to be informed whenever it comes up.

    So, why put a warning in bigwigs for this instead of some other means of keeping track of it? Probably for the same reason we get warnings for pyroclasm on Eredar Twins, the fire shield in the maulgar fight and whatever buff the mage in the Illidari Counsel puts up. You tell me. While those buffs might seem more serious than this one and not just a buff on some add, you have to realise that in the M'uru encounter, in phase 1, the adds ARE the boss essentially, and keeping your tanks up against their dmg and dpsing them down is the hard part.

    I just happened upon this topic, never really followed how bigwigs things are develloped, but as a user I would definately expect this buff to be part of the M'uru warnings.
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    Grid has cleaned my ui up so much, I just love the Grid centric raid layout I have now.

    Did my first raid yesterday with a completely redesigned ui and there were a couple of issues with Grid that I couldn't get just right.

    Let me start by saying that I've really been trying to configure these things myself, but it would have been infinitely easier if Grid updates weren't so unpredicatable. That's pretty much my only point of critisism, whenever I change a Grid setting I'm never sure when the Grid frame has updated to actually reflect the change. It's already hard enough as it is to work on Death/AFK/OOR settings (needing a raidgroup with death people and all :p), but not actually seeing the results of my changes immediately makes it much harder. It would be great if I could force an update to the entire frame whenever I make a change to the settings.

    Now the settings/questions I'm having some problems with:

    1. I use a low alpha setting to indicate out-of-range. Is there a way to have Text1 and Text2 (name and health in my case) NOT be affected by this alpha? In other words I'd like to be able to read the names and health of the people that are oor from me without having to squint my eye to see through the 25% alpha setting.

    2. What does attaching the death/afk/oor status to the healthbar do?

    3. I currently have both oor and death apply a low alpha setting to the unit. Not a very good idea as it turned out because I'm unable to tell at a glance who's just oor and who's actually death. Ideally I'd like death people to show up as a bright red colored frame with their name in Text1 and "DEAD" in Text2, all at 100% alpha. And, more importantly I'd like these settings to override the low alpha setting of an oor person.

    4. How does the setting to "show death as a full healthbar" (or something like that) tie into all of this?

    5. When attaching a status to the alpha-setting, does it only look at the alpha of the status, or does the actual color also have meaning?

    Tnx for the great mod!
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    I hope you'll excuse me for not reading all 27 pages in this topic and forgive me if this has already been suggested.

    I'm a big fan of the pullout bars. I've placed one about an inch below my character to compare my threat to the tanks, and it's way way way better than having to refer to some table with constantly reordering bars. In fact, I could do without the table entirly, except for one little thing.

    At the start of a fight I always use the amount of threat the tank has as an indicator for when I start dps. As an example, depending on the fight I would wait till the tank has 5-10k threat before doing anything.

    Unfortunately, this info is not available in the pullout. It would be super great the the pullout would either display the absolute amount of threat of the person I'm comparing to, or the absolute difference between us. I think I would actually prefer the difference between us, because it would help during the rest of the encounter to guestimate if that next mindblast is going to put me over the tanks agro, but a threat total would already help a lot!

    Thanks for the great work sofar! Already love the mod just for the pullouts, but I can imagine how it will be insanely great when many more people start using it and the per target threat is going to shine!

    Oh, for completeness sake, although i'm sure you're already aware of it, when I have no threat on a mob yet, the first segment of a pullout bar keep jumping between 0 and half an inch of grey. It's only mildly annoying though ;)
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