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    Quote from Big Game Hunter »

    Could an option be included to display a sample character(s) in order to set up party/raid unit frames without being in a party/raid?

    Second this. Very hard to setup your unit frames when you have to ask guildies/friends/strangers to be in a party with you to set them up. And moreso a hassle if you want to setup pets.
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    Improvement - Any chance you can have your own unit frame do the following:

    Out of Combat (& fully healed) : Fade out/Hide
    Out of Combat (& healing) : Go about 50% opacity
    On Agro/In Combat : Full opacity

    This is one thing I did like about HUDs in you could set it to fade out while healing and then hide completely when at full health and out of combat. It really cleans up the screen when your not needing to see your own information.
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