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    posted a message on Getting Baggins_Outfitter working..
    Well, you had me wanting to filter on outfits after bringing it up, so I went ahead and did it. :p

    It needs work, but here's a very untested replacement for Baggins_Outfitter.lua which supports individual outfits.

    Didn't spend much time on it, and only tested briefly - so I suspect there will be bugs in it, but it seemed to work :p Give it a try (file attached below).

    (yeah, my mage alt is broke >.< )
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    posted a message on Chat Addon
    I'm not sure of its memory usage, but there's a non-ace addon that does those things without much more called ChatMOD. I can't remember where I even got it from. I wanted more features and moved to Prat, and more recently to Cellular, though. :p

    If you know your way around the code, you can modify your own copy of Prat/Cellular to only give the features you want, and thus reduce the memory usage. Also, I'm sure there are tiny addons out there which do each individual feature you want, and that would likely end up saving on memory as well.
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    posted a message on ZOMGBuffs vs. Cellular & (Possible) Temp Fix
    Quote from raegx »

    The issue w/ Cellular is that it is expecting more arguments now. Globals arg1 => arg12. ZOMG is only sending in arg1 and arg2 which causes an error down the road. To fix this here are the lines of code that make it work:

    I'll drop that in later and see if it helps out for me :3
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    posted a message on ZOMGBuffs vs. Cellular & (Possible) Temp Fix
    Quote from HunterZ »

    Wow, so that's what's causing ZOMGBuff errors. I didn't look at the errors closely enough to see that they were related to Cellular.

    I'm not sure but it looks like the cause is that Cellular is intercepting whispers first and clobbering them, then ZOMGBuffs gets nothing and assumes a non-nil message string when doing its thing.

    If this is true then both addons are behaving badly: Cellular is filtering messages by clobbering them, and ZOMGBuffs isn't checking its inputs to make sure someone else isn't clobbering them first (although I guess letting it error out is as good a way as any to notify the user of a problem).

    Again, my "fix" isn't a real fix, and probably causes other small errors within ZOMGBuffs and all, but it makes things work again lol.

    I suppose you could be right, about the whisper problem... Except that when I change Cellular to NOT block whispers to the main chat window, it still errors the same as above. It can't be just the fact that it suppresses main window whisper output alone, but likely in how that part of Cellular code is operating, sure I could see that.

    For now, I'm just gonna run with that ZOMGBuffs function commented out unless I get bored one day :p Hope one/both of the authors fixes the issue - whichever (both?) is doing things wrong, at least.
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    posted a message on ZOMGBuffs vs. Cellular & (Possible) Temp Fix
    So, it's been a week or two since I updated my addons, but I did so this afternoon, only to find out that two of them aren't playing nice with each other. T_T

    ZOMGBuffs and Cellular have some inter-addon conflict going on, and while I'm not too interested in deciphering their code to find out exactly what is going on, I made a change which at least temporarily fixed my problem.

    Here's the error message:
    Date: 2008-08-27 17:12:38
    Error occured in: Global
    Count: 1
    Message: ..\AddOns\ZOMGBuffs\ZOMGBuffs.lua line 4666:
      bad argument #1 to 'strsub' (string expected, got nil)
      [C]: ?
      [C]: strsub()
      ZOMGBuffs\ZOMGBuffs.lua:4666: cfilterFunc()
      (tail call): ?
      (tail call): ?

    The error occurs when you receive a whisper the first time after logging in, and it prevents Cellular from displaying the whispers in its window.

    Here's the error-prone code with more context:

    4664 	local function chatFilter(msg)
    4665		for match in pairs(z.chatMatch) do
    4666			if (strsub(msg, 1, strlen(match)) == match) then
    4667				return true
    4668			end
    4669		end
    4670	end

    1	local a = CreateFrame("Frame", "Cellular", UIParent)
    2	a:SetScript("OnEvent", function(this, event, ...) this[event](this, ...) end)
    162	function a:CHAT_MSG_WHISPER(a1, a2, a3, a4, a5, a6, a7, a8, a9, a10, a11, a12)
    163		local a1 = a1
    164		local cfilter = ChatFrame_GetMessageEventFilters("CHAT_MSG_WHISPER")
    165		if cfilter then
    166			for _, filterFunc in next, cfilter do
    167				if filterFunc(a1) then
    168					return
    169				end
    170			end
    171		end
    172		a1 = TextIcon(a1)
    173		self:IncomingMessage(a2, a1, a6, nil, a11)
    174	end

    If you disable the main chat whisper display override in Cellular (and reload the UI), you can at least view the whispers in your main chat window, but that's hardly ideal.

    After a couple attempts at fixing it, the solution I ended up with is to completely disable the above quoted function in ZOMGBuffs.

    However, I'm certain that this may cause other problems with ZOMGBuffs not being able to get/process whispered buff request or something (didn't check).

    This gets Cellular to be able to handle your whispers again, at least...

    Anyone else know what the problem is here?
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    posted a message on Getting Baggins_Outfitter working..
    The author of that plugin for Baggins doesn't (or didn't) play WoW anymore. I e-mailed him quite some time ago, and asked for permission to update the plugin to work with modern Outfitter, which I got.

    I didn't make any enhancements to the plugin - it works the same as the original author intended, I just made it work with the newer Outfitter is all.

    I do agree that the plugin should have each individual Outfitter outfit as a selectable section, but that was never the case. Maybe I'll write some simple code to do that and e-mail him again some day, but it wouldn't be a high priority of mine atm. :/
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    posted a message on AceEvent2 Blind, or is this normal?
    Ah, that's the ticket I think. I was under the impression it was headed to :OnEvent(...), and was picking it up there. Will try a separate function instead, thanks.

    Eventually I'll move to A3, just haven't gotten that far yet.
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    posted a message on AceEvent2 Blind, or is this normal?
    I'm on cold medicine atm, so I might be overlooking something. Dropping the only pertinent code, I think - and the error I get after logging in. Any ideas?

    From addon:
    MyAddon = AceLibrary("AceAddon-2.0"):new("AceDB-2.0", "AceEvent-2.0", "AceConsole-2.0")
    function MyAddon:OnEnable()

    In-Game Error:
    AceEvent-2.0: Cannot register event "CHAT_MSG_LOOT" to method "CHAT_MSG_LOOT", it does not exist
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    posted a message on ZOMGBuffs Official Thread
    No idea if this has been reported. Did a skimming search, but came up empty.

    When on the IQD/MgT (and likely the raid SwP - haven't been there, so not positive), players sometimes have a zone-buff called K'iru's Song of Victory. When you attempt to buff yourself or your party (manually or via ZOMGBuffs) with Arcane Intellect/Brilliance, the zone-buff removes your personal buff, since it gives the same amount of Intellect. The buff also gives Stamina, so I would assume Priest buffs would cause the same thing to occur. The annoyance here is that ZOMGBuffs thinks that you do not have AI/AB and that you need to cast it, preventing ZOMGBuffs from moving on and reporting other buffs as missing.

    While I suppose I could set up some sort of template for the IQD/MgT to not suggest AI/AB at all (I think?), I just felt that this may be something ZOMGBuffs should auto-detect. There are probably more zone/npc/item buffs which remove buffs you can cast, causing a similar issue, but I have not encountered any as of yet.
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    posted a message on WowAce's Packagemancer and http://files.wowace.com/
    I'd like to see a search box on the page, just for convenience.
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    posted a message on Cryolysis2 - Sheep Bug
    It's a fairly simple fix, and I'm not sure why the developer(s) didn't perform this check, but if you'll open up your Cryolysis2\core\events.lua file in a text editor and find these two functions (near the end of the file):

    function Cryolysis2:TimerFinished(evt, bar, name)
    function Cryolysis2:DebuffTimerFinished(evt, bar, name)

    Just after each of these functions, there is a line which says:


    Note: If there is a double dash in front of the line "--bar:Fade()", don't perform this fix on that line. Some versions have one of the two occurences commented out, which seems to be a developer attempting to fix the error.

    To fix this issue, change this line to:

    if bar then bar:Fade() end

    The reason the error happens is that when the function is called, it sometimes is issued a nil value for the 'bar' parameter, and the function then attempts to use a function in 'bar' which doesn't exist. This simply adds a check to be sure bar exists before executing the :Fade() function.
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    posted a message on Translator for Leetspeak/Abbreviations
    These replacements could be done with Prat's (bundled) modules, but the problem I found was that when matching the text, Prat was case sensitive and did not take into account things like the Loladin example above. There are several addons out there such as Eloquence, but I've never found a 'perfect' one for my uses.
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    posted a message on Parrot 1.0 Beta for the 2.4 combat log
    (This is the current SVN Parrot thread?)

    I've got two issues, neither are major, but wanted to post about them in case you'd like to fix them, or put 'em on a list. :)

    1. If healing someone not in my party, I get text of "+0 Someone (2900 overheal)" - even though it did heal them and there was no overheal at all. Only happens on targets not in my party.

    2. Spell icons are quite often the wrong ones (I think someone posted earlier about this?). The main example I have encountered lately is Mage Arcane Blast shows Mark of the Wild icon.
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    posted a message on Routes: Official Thread
    I have two problems with Routes currently.

    1. After creating a Route that includes a node type, if you harvest a new (to GatherMate) node of a type that is included in the current Route, the Route is not updated to include it. This is similar to the problem listed in a post above, except I am not harvesting during the optimization phase or anything like that.

    2. The other problem I've been having is that the Routes lines on the map have not been updating when GatherMate 'nudges' the node icon after harvesting it. This results in Routes that look like this:

    (yeah, my fps sucks in terrokar :p)
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    posted a message on Instance Summary
    Quote from darkforce898 »

    I want one that only does it for instances

    All you have to do is reset the data when you go into one, and look at it when you finish.
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