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    posted a message on Sphere - Sphere Mod for all Classes
    First of all congrats for this mod, it's a very good work.

    Second, a strange bug:
    I use Sphere mainly to show my threat, but at the very moment I choose "Threat" on any of my bars I get a missing dependency error regarding "parse-3.0" Lib.

    I double checked with Omen and seems it's needed by Threat-1.0, so I added "Parse-3.0" dependency into embeds.xml the same way Omen does, and the error is gone. Can you check it, pls?, because it's starting to get anoying having to edit each time I autoupdate.

    And third, a request:
    I know that custom bars relay heavily on DogTags but... Could be possible to add support to show stacks of debuff on your target as a valid gauge magnitude? (yes, I'm thinking on Deadly Poison stacks and/or Wound Poison)
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    posted a message on Quartz: Modular Casting Bar
    1st Very nice addon that I use to replace all the other timer addons.

    Just a small request, probably for Mirror Bar addon. Could it support Distract for Rogues?

    I tried with the /quartztimer macro but the problem is that Distract 10 seconds timer (and the skill 30 seconds timer) do not start unless you click the targeting reticle.

    The feasible way to support it is to start a 10 second timer for the Distraction Effect EACH time the Distraction skill gets into Cooldown (30 seconds).
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