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    One feature missing in skillet that ATSW has is a button to Buy Reagents from a vendor when their trade window is open right on the craft pane. Right now, if i forgot to queue my items before i clicked the vendor, i have to close the vendor and re-open them to auto-buy reagents... or am i just not seeing the functionality?


    Also, not sure what this bug is, but, occasionally the skillet window section where it lists recipes looks like it has a pretty dark transparency over everything but the first line, and i'm unable to click anything other than the first thing listed
    It's prolly not Skillet's fault, OneBag misbehaves in a similar fashion, where my inventory is unclickable. Maybe the problem exists in a library that both use for rendering their frame?

    I only use Ace Addons with the exception of Auctioneer and MetaHud...
    If you need the extensive list, i can provide it
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