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    I recently had this add on downloaded and installed on my character and wanted to temporarily disable it so I used the ingame disable feature on my character. For some reason after I did that it would not allow me to enable the add on and use it for that character only but it would work on all my alts. I then tried deleting it in and reinstalling as well as updating it several times with no luck of it working on that character only. I also happen to have the wowaceupdater so i uninstalled the add on once again then went to file and clicked ont he clean up wow saved variables option and reinstalled the add on. After I had re installed it the add on stopped working for all of my toons. I tried disabling all other mods for the exception of this one on specific characters to see if there was an incompatibility issue. Deleted my wtf and my cache folder. I also went into the RPHelper2 folder and pulled the GUI file out and renaming it RPHelper2_GUI as I had read on other forums. FOr some reason no matter what i tried doing the game doesnt even recognize teh add on as being installed no error messages or anything. Does anyone have any ideas as to why its not working?
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