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    I love the design of Pitbull and the progress it's made so far. One thing I'd like to see in the future is more use being made out of the frame border. It's great that we can now have it recolor based on rare/elite status. More flexibility would be nice though, such as being able to recolor it based on debuffs or aggro.
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    posted a message on MacAceUpdater - an update tool for Mac users.
    Working fine over here on a PPC Mac. Thanks a lot for this update, I'm getting really addicted to this tool and was starting to go batty renaming the changelog files each download! Hopefully the Intel folks can get their version sorted out (@ATC, did you put a trailing "/" in your addon path? It wouldn't work for me until I did this).

    For me, the only other thing that needs fixing is the wrong permissions set on addons after MacAceUpdater installs them--but at least the workaround for that is a simple chmod in the Terminal, so not too painful.
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    First, thanks for this really useful addon! Now the problem: when I get a skill increase (doesn't seem to matter what skill), it's not reflected in the Manufac menu (neither in the Skill amount, nor in the difficulties of recipes if they've changed as a result). If I reload the UI, Manufac then seems to pick up the changes, until the next time a skill increases. This is with version 30715.
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