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    Quote from Snago »

    We had some strange behaviour too.
    It could have something to do with the changes in Threat-1.0 or AceComm earlier today (yesterday). In our raid this evening I could only see myself and anyone who hadn't updated their addons during the day. Same for everyone else in the raid.

    There is a new Omen out, with a new AceComm inside.

    See http://www.wowace.com/forums/index.php?topic=10777.msg170464#msg170464
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    Since the deDE version for Illhoof (called Siechhuf in german) misses its enrage timer, here are my updated translations for him. I also added the sacrifice_fade message, since it was missing as well.

    	engage_trigger = "^Ah, Ihr kommt genau richtig. Die Rituale fangen gleich an!",
    	sacrifice = "Opferung",
    	sacrifice_desc = "Warnt welcher Spieler geopfert wird",
    	sacrifice_trigger = "^([^%s]+) ([^%s]+) von Opferung betroffen%.$",
    	sacrifice_fade = "^Opferung schwindet von ([^%s]+)%.$",
    	sacrifice_message = "%s wird geopfert!",
    	sacrifice_bar = "Opferung: %s",
    	--sacrifice_soon = "Sacrifice soon!",
    	--sacrifice_soonbar = "~Possible Sacrifice",
    	--icon = "Raid Icon",
    	--icon_desc = "Place a raid icon on the sacrificed player(requires promoted or higher).",
    	weak = "Geschw\195\164cht",
    	weak_desc = "Warnt wenn Terestian geschw\195\164cht ist",
    	weak_trigger = "von Mal der Flamme betroffen",
    	weak_message = "Geschw\195\164cht f\195\188r 45 Sek!",
    	weak_warning1 = "Geschw\195\164cht vorbei in 5 Sek!",
    	weak_warning2 = "Geschw\195\164cht vorbei!",
    	weak_bar = "Geschw\195\164cht",
    	--weak_fade = "^Broken Pact fades",
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