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    it was better all-in-all to write a better mod from scratch, one free of legacy code and based on extensibility and hackability
    and cheesy car-salesman advertising..

    In all fairness, every author starts out by thinking their project is going to be an improvement on something else. We don't think "I'm going to go out there, and write me a lame-ass piece of second-rate crap that's worse than some other stuff"
    If we don't believe that it's going to better* then we usually don't bother. All authors have a certain necessary amount of ego.

    * Choose your own definition of "better" to include more applicable, written in a more desired style, and half a hundred other options...
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    Guild photos in the space!
    Yes, you too can advertise your guild (ps looking for feral druid) in WowAceUpdater for just 4 beans!

    If we must have ads, how about community supported ads?
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    I have been using the SVN and TortiseSVN to get all my ACE2 mods, which there are a lot. I have been tossing around the idea of using stand alone libraries.

    What is the best way to accomplish this using the SVN?

    Thanks in advance,


    If you don't use standalones, you're putting 10x the load on the server, because every one of your addons has to check out each of it's externals as well.

    Indeed. There's no real reason to use an SVN client to update from the trunk, unless you're involved in development, and are going to commit stuff back. There are http mirrors available for every commit, which are cheaper and faster to get.
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    also the new party target frames re-appear if you zone-in

    Confirm this - also reappear when group composition changes midraid.
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    I think Kaelten's "Combine" was the last mentioned raid/group organisation tool.
    Not heard anything of it in a while though, so I presume it's still on hold.
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    Have been reading this thread with interest.

    It is my understanding that wowace is a development resource, not a distribution resource. The intended audience is beta-testers and addon devs. If you don't like a feature of a particular module, then by all means submit a patch suggestion to the author, or even better, contribute to the project by writing it yourself. That's why the code's in the svn - not to be (ab)used as a distribution mechanism.
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