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    Quote from Phanx »

    It uses a fixed spell depending on your class.

    Priest = Flash Heal
    Druid = Healing Touch
    Paladin = Holy Light
    Shaman = Healing Wave
    Warlock = Corruption, Shadow Bolt, or Fear
    Mage = Fireball or Fire Blast
    Others = uses CheckInteractDistance to check if you're in range to follow (about 28 yds)

    If you want to change what spell is used, open RangeCheck.lua and change the spell name. You can also add a "short distance check" spell for the classes that don't have them (I used Cure, Cleanse, and Abolish spells).

    That explains it, though I'm baffled as to why there's no range check for hunters since there is a talent that gives longer range on shots, so it's possible for a hunter to have any of 4 different maximum ranges for our shots, plus the normal range for our pet heals/feeds.

    This seems like something that should be added to the main distribution.
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    How do I change the range PitBull uses for range checking? Is it using a particular spell/ability to detect range or is it assuming a fixed distance?
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    Just adding to the chorus of people amazed at how good Baggins is. I first installed it and was impressed, then thought it was a bit limiting with the categories it had. Then I stumbled across the custom categories and bags and my eyes just boggled at the amazing intricacy of the rules possible. This is truly, insanely customizable (in a good way!). thanks.

    Now the obligatory feature requests :)

    1) Of course, money is a big one. I miss it in particular when opening the mailbox and retrieving auctions, when it's especially nice to see the money add up :) I'll install one of the fubar money addons for the moment.

    2) While I appreciate the rather amazing customizability, one major problem I have is having to constantly duplicate effort to get things organized. It isn't enough to say an item belongs in one rule, I usually also have to have it exclude it from several other rules to make sure it shows up in the right spot. It would be very, very handy if there was some sort of "unique" or "priority" checkbox you could set for a rule to say it has priority over other matches. Or in the case of PT matches, you can say that the most specific rule trumps less specific rules (I don't have the game right here but something like Consumable.Food is less specific than Consumable.Food.Meat). Another option would be when you make a new rule to have the ability to add is as a NOT to every other rule, though of course we'd wind up with LOTs of NOTs after a while, but at least people wouldn't be pulling hair out trying to figure why their potions keep showing up in consumables or trade mats.

    3) Speaking of duplicate effort -- I'm not sure what the logic is behind making me recreate everything for the bank when I just did it for my bag. Or recreating everything for a different character. I understand that many people probably do want things different for different places, but it seems like it would be straightforward to essentially have an option to make one set of rules and just say it applies to everything.

    When i was setting up Baggins, one of the first things I did was go to edit bags, deleted the Bank All In One and checked "Bank" under options for the All In One bag. I expected that it would make the rules that I set up for the All in One bag work for the bank as well -- of course what it did was make the normal bag disappear, but you can see how you could essentially make that checkbox work the way I thought it did and then we could have things sorted in the bank as well as our bags. And of course if someone wants to sort them differently, then they don't check the "bank" option and can do them as they like.

    I confess that after setting up some extensive rules, I've gotten really paranoid about losing them all for some reason. Having the ability to save profiles explicitly as other have asked would be very reassuring :)

    What a fantastic mod!
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    Just adding another vote to the notion of adding the pause (making it an option) so as to be sure to get everything. As it is, I feel like I have to babysit the mailbox retrieval, which despite the occasional error I never felt with CT_Mail.
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