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    The errors occuring in 4.0.1 are caused by changed and removed spellids referenced in core.lua, in totemList and defaultSpells2.

    Removed totems :
    Sentry Totem
    Cleansing Totem
    Fire Resistance Totem
    Frost Resistance Totem
    Nature Resistance Totem

    Changed totems :
    Magma Totem, changed to 8190
    Stoneclaw Totem, changed to 5730
    Stoneskin Totem, changed to 8071
    Flametongue Totem, changed to 8227
    Healing Stream Totem, changed to 5394
    Mana Spring Totem, changed to 5675
    Searing Totem, changed to 3599
    Strength of Earth Totem, changed to 8075
    Totem of Wrath, changed to 3738

    New totems :
    Elemental Resistance Totem, 8184
    Totem of Tranquil Mind, 87718

    Changed spells :
    Hand of Protection, changed to 1022

    Hopefully this may save you some time.

    I am attaching an edited version of core.lua.
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    posted a message on RBM2 Official Thread
    Thanks a lot for updating this addon, I have been missing it.

    Is there any chance of the AbilityWatch module being updated also?
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    Thanks for making this addon, it works great so far :)

    I was wondering if you could please add these diminishing returns some time when convenient :

    • Frost Nova (Supposedly, shares DR with entangling roots, controlled roots)
    • Polymorph (Is supposed to share DR with sap and gouge)
    • Impact (Is supposed to share DR with Celestial Focus, Stoneclaw Totem Blackout, Mace Specialization and Seal of Justice, stun procs)
    • Frostbite (should be in it's own category, being the only root proc)

    Polymorph is probably the most important one of those I guess.
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