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    Quote from Ammo »

    get oSkin, it not only prettifies your screen, but has viewport options as well.

    Oh and CT_ViewPort does not require the CT mastermod nor does it cost you FPS. So you can just keep on using that.


    kek, didn't even know oSkin had viewport options, thanks ammo <3
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    My GotWood goes back to it's default location on the screen every time i log back in. It doesen't save the place where i lock it when i log out.

    Thanks for a great totem addon though :)
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    posted a message on otravi_UnitFrames 2.0.0 [Alpha] [26.06.06]
    As the other mentioned, linked unitframes <3
    Heres some other things i'd like, mostly based on my experience with oUF 2:
    • The ctrl-rightclick menu is awesome, gief again!
    • Some more ways to edit text in the unitframes - in previous version there was a (PvP) text if you had pvp turned on, i'd like to be able to remove such things without altering the code myself
    • Better ways of placing and arranging the buff/debuff slots yourself
    • Thats mainly what I need in the current form of oUF, maybe some more textures if you can, so theres a bit more to play around with if you get bored of the existing looks :-)
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    posted a message on otravi_UnitFrames 2.0.0 [Alpha] [26.06.06]
    Maybe this has already been asked for, but linked group frames would be nice to make their alignment match perfectly :-)
    Thanks for a great addon in any case!
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    posted a message on UI Screenshots - Show us what you use!
    Quote from Kyahx »

    I'd love to see what other people use and how they have their UIs setup. :P

    Here is my current setup (Heavily infuenced by Haste's UI):

    Quick Rundown of the Main mods:
    - Bongos
    - ag_UnitFrames
    - otravi_CastingBar
    - PerfectRaid + oRA
    - Squishy
    - FuBar

    Which addon is that for the chatbox ?
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