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    You're right. It is detected correctly, indeed.
    My mistake.

    And I would have never thought about that simple divide operation...
    so it's 2-0 for you :D

    thank you again :)
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    I love this addon. I've been using it for 6 months now and I would be really lost without it, so I really must thank Gagorian for all the effort he has put into doing this.

    But after using it so much there is a question to which i still can't find an answer...
    does the addon take into account the bonuses that come from meta gems?
    And if it does, does it take into account that blizzard has a really strange way of calculating things? ;)

    For eg. my main char is a warlock, and I use the Chaotic Skyfire Diamond in my PvE head item ( http://www.wowhead.com/?item=34220 ). Its in-game description is cryptic enough and reads "+12 Spell Critical & 3% Increased Critical Damage".
    Blizzard maths has always been strange, and after a lot of discussing about this gem on various forums, people agreed that it increases damage of critical spells by 4.5% (when there is no crit damage augmenting talent), or by 9% when there is a crit augmenting talent (like Ruin for warlocks)
    I will make a citation just to make myself clear:

    For Warlocks your crit is 209% (tested) with this gem and the math that blizzard uses to determine this is as follows...

    With Ruin your Critical strike Damage bonus is 100% more than what your critical strikes are without it, so you take the Damage increase from a critical strike and multiply it by 2. Now the gem says 3% increased critical damage, which doesn't mean +3% bonus damage it means 3% more total, so you take the damage a critical strike would do and then add 3% to that value.

    150% x 1.03 = 154.5% (Total damage from a crit with this gem but without ruin)
    154.5% - 100% = 54.5% (Bonus damage from a crit with this gem but without ruin)
    54.5% X 2 = 109% (bonus damage with ruin and gem)
    100%+109% = 209% (damage done by a critical with gem and ruin)

    i have checked this myself and it seems to be correct.
    This meta gem is indeed a major damage boost for destruction warlocks.

    But when I equip the headpiece with the gem, DrDamage doesn't really seem to take much notice of it. And at the same time it seems to underrate the "dmg equivalent" value it gives to the "spell crit rating" stat.
    Here I am referring to the line which reads
    +1 dmg (Cr/Ht/Hs)
    (in my case the values are approximately 1.50/0.90/0.90)

    When i equip that gem i would expect the value which refers to crits to decrease a lot.. but it doesn't.

    So here's my question:
    have I been smoking too much w33d lately or maybe there's a small bug in DrDamage? :D

    Thank you!
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