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    HI there,

    we have DKPmon for abaout 4 Weeks now, but where are struggeling with ist, cause of so many things that went wrong.


    -Synchonizing dind't work as intended. When synchronizing and then swichting RaidLeaders (I'm running this raid option) the DKP Standings where different afer the switch. (DB PW was the same)

    - Deleting Members. If you kick players out of you guild, an then you ant to delete them ...how ? If you deleting them out of the DB file itself, everybody hav to to that because of synchonizing.

    - History. When it comes to History of you own DKP there is nothing... Everybody must trust he DKPmon Leader what his Database says. If you where getting -DKP while not even in Raid you later will not see what has happened.

    Because of the lack of History and the Sync Problems we encounterd we where basicly switching back to the old EQDKP+Raidtracker system which i dont't like..but it's less buggy.
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    posted a message on DKPmon & Bidder v2.0
    Hi there,

    im currently a little bit overwhelmed by so much information. I haven't tried it so far, but im aware that there are serveral addons / modules for differetn DKP System an Biddign Systems.

    I would like to know some things if this system maybe compatible with our current DKP System which looks like this (Currently):

    - Bosses have Fix values which are gained after a Kill
    - Bidding is done via Raidchat. Everybody can bid so often he wants (In case he has enough points)
    - erveryboy can see the Current Bidder with his highest bid (via Raidchat Bid HIstory)

    Is DKPmon / Bidder also providing this functionality,or a Module ?
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    posted a message on Need Custom Pitbull HP Text
    With our current Patch my Custom HP Text doesn't work anymore.
    Maybe a experienced Tag user can help me out.

    What i need is (as Healer) a custom HP text like this:

    Situation 10k HP, Full Health,Friendly: "10000"
    Situation 10k HP, 2k Missing, Friendly: "8000| -2000" (the Missing HP is red with a leading Minus)
    Situation 10k HP, 2k missing, Enemy : "80%"

    thx in advance
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    posted a message on [Grid] - Running Hots Status
    Currently it seems that there is no way to filter out Hots from other Healers (same Class). I didn't find a option that manages the filtering of hots, so that you can only trace your own hots with a Indicator.

    It would be nice if you could only wacht your own running Hots in Grid. (in Raids). That would make my Life as Healer & Hotter a lot easier.

    Or is there any option that solves this Problem ?
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