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    Quote from bloodstrike »

    I know this was mentioned but i didn't see an answer on it in the thread - Any idea if tab-completion of player names from guild/friend/party/raid can be implemented? I'm lazy and some of my raid members' names are long, so it's nice to only have to type the first 3 or 4 characters, then hit tab and be done.

    I would absolutely love this feature, it is all that I am missing most from the switch between Prat and Chatter. I hate having to type those long names, especially if they have non-standard characters in the latter half, without tab completion they won't be getting any messages from me.

    What are the odds that this will be added?
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    So, given as the author has not quit WoW, has someone else taken up development of this add-on, or should people start looking elsewhere for this functionality?
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    It sounds like Dongle and Ace2 could have worked well together. Using Dongle, unless you needed the extended functionality that was implemented in the Ace2 libraries. What a shame.
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    Interesting post that should be up top.

    Sadly, this seems to happen to some of the good mods that show up on the SVN. What a shame that they disappear, sicne I know a lot of people (myself included) who try to use only Ace mods released here. Mods that get updated "out of band" never see my addons directory, because I am lazy (I really hate the "update dance" from site to site).
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