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    I've been reading most of this thread, but might have missed a post or two, so i apologise if this have been asked before.

    I'm trying figure out how to find a proper solution for handling DKP for my guild. Its been decided that we go for a zero-sum system and it was nice to see that this nice mod supports that, although i would wish it wouldn't award the player, that spend dkp, with his own dkp.

    The problem that i so far havnt found a solution for is: point bank. In order to be able to reward raiders for having worked hard on getting a new boss down, it would be nice to be able to reward them with some dkp. But in order to keep the zero-sum balance, those dkp have to come from somewhere in the system and in my former guild's system, those dkp came from a point bank that was filled by taxing farm raids. A farm raid would be taxed with i.e. 60%, so the point bank would get 60% of all spend dkp, so that it could be rewarded for hard work on progress raids.

    Is there some clever way to achieve this with the mod, or is there any excisting mods that will make this possible?
    (my former guild used a custom made system, so unfortunetly i cant get that) :)

    I've been looking into: Bidder/dkpMon with the _ZSumAuction modules, along with eqdkp.
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