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    cralexns, I love your layout. I hope it makes it as a "main" layout choice.

    I have a problem, though.

    I'm a druid, and need to be able to see my mana while I'm shifted.. but the way it's set up now is the text is underneath the rage / energy, and that text overlaps with the mana text.

    Can you (or someone else) provide a fix to where the mana bar has its own space and doesn't overlap?

    Along those same lines, I don't get the '-0' thing at the end of the health bar, where is that enabled?

    Also, what font and size are you using for the various things? I guess it doesn't import those things (I think it should, can we make this a feature request?)

    Something else strange, my cat and travel forms also appear to be facing the wrong way.. Not sure what that's about?

    Here's some screenshots so you know what I'm talking about:

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