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    I have a huge problem when using this addon, something that ultimately made me drop it in favour of ATSW, despite it's good sides. No idea if I'm the only one.
    When I boot up the menu it takes so long time to load, no matter what I do, that the menu's more often than not closed again when it's stopped loading.
    A related problem, is that the addons menues can be a bit unwieldy at times. Would it be possible with a key-press that "locks" the menus to an open state, or be able to choose this in the options?
    Sometimes it has trouble updating. Not sure if it's just me, but even when reinstalling all addons once, it refused to recognize some items as orange/yellow/green.

    Ultimately this is a very good idea for an addon, and I was very excited when I saw it, but even on a very good computer the menu as it is is too unwieldy for me, and I will sadly have to drop it. What I'm probably looking for is most likely a static window in the vein of ATSW where my biggest aggravator is the tool-tip at times.

    Otherwise I'd like to thank you for all your hard work Nymbia. Much appreciation =)
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    posted a message on SmartyCat (was AceDruidBar)
    Fantastic idea! Tried and tested, and I already like it.
    One thing, the menu disappears immediately upon doing any changes to the bar. Makes for a pretty annoyed customizer. Anything you can do about it? Oo

    Seerah, what's the font you're using there? ;)

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