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    GUID check is the best thing to do , but here you need an logic to assing the name of this mob with his GUID , in game ofcourse , copy target.

    I can help in any way , also coding.

    If i must do it then it will be from scratch and for this i have not the time.
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    To OrionShock:

    I made an lookup and these are the Events that are triggered mouseover an mob


    Maybe not so an good idea to use mouseover, there in an combat you do alot of mouseover.?.?
    Or disable the addon while in combat?? If unmarked mobs joins the fight and it is disabled in combat?
    UPDATE_MOUSEOVER_UNIT trigger also if it is an player.

    To Rabbit:

    Instead of giving them an note , why not giving them the right raid Icon?
    Would not be much to implement it.
    Maybe in future an nice UI for doing an config or an list of all mobs.
    will see if i get more suggestions.

    thnx for replying.

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    Raiding in new instances require also to do an lookup in wowwiki for mobs Abilties or immunes.

    I dont know if such addon exist but would maybe be an good one.

    eg: Wowwiki
    Mob: Bloodwarder Legionnaire

    • Cleave.
    • Whirlwind .
    • Vulnerable to Polymorph.
    • This mob is immune to both Fear and Freezing Traps.
    • Vulnerable to snares.
    So this mob can be Sheeped , we add an raid icon to it Moon , because it is assigned to an mage to sheep.(Or Moon,Star,Green in case that there are more then one in an pack of trash mobs.
    So if pressing mark (maybe an range config) it should mark all mobs.Skull , Cross , Moon , Star .... automatecly , looking the mob names in an list and the assigned icon.

    I use now an macro with SetRaidTargetIcon("Bloodwarder Legionnaire", 5);

    Like we know all icons:

    SetRaidTargetIcon("target", 1); -- Star
    SetRaidTargetIcon("target", 2); -- Circle
    SetRaidTargetIcon("target", 3); -- Diamond
    SetRaidTargetIcon("target", 4); -- Triangle
    SetRaidTargetIcon("target", 5); -- Moon
    SetRaidTargetIcon("target", 6); -- Square
    SetRaidTargetIcon("target", 7); -- Cross
    SetRaidTargetIcon("target", 8); -- Skull
    SetRaidTargetIcon("target", 0); -- Remove RaidIcon

    Example at Kael TK i am using some macros like this ones:

    Weapons macro:
    /tar cosmic
    /script SetRaidTargetIcon("target", 1);
    /tar staff
    /script SetRaidTargetIcon("target", 2);
    /tar infin
    /script SetRaidTargetIcon("target", 3);
    /tar warp
    /script SetRaidTargetIcon("target", 4);

    or the four Adds :

    /tar thaladre
    /script SetRaidTargetIcon("target", 1);
    /tar lord
    /script SetRaidTargetIcon("target", 2);
    /tar grand
    /script SetRaidTargetIcon("target", 3);
    /tar master
    /script SetRaidTargetIcon("target", 4);

    I dont know if blizzard have some restictions on it but i think to make an addon where the raid icons could be saved and used to do instant marks would be possible.

    would be nice also for the trash , wich one can be sheeped or not. I still keep forgetting it.

    Or maybe an macro?

    /run ....... ?

    Each comment is welcome.

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