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    Quote from uaxli »

    ok uras, avazza, I found "the problem" - was just plain lua. I had to look thru the code (keep in mind that im total noob @ coding):

    Ill highlight strings that need attention before posting this code into eepanel script for Player frame

    Basically, when you press "Add lua script" in eepanels, a window pops up where you should enter the code. So look onto that window header, it should be like eePanelNUMBER

    so just you edit highlighted red strind to match that eePanle number :) Notice that you must change eePanel but NOT eePanels strings.

    I can't get this one to work, and in fact cannot get even the simple target frame version to work:
    function eePanel1:TargetFrameVisibility(self, event, ...)
      local _, class = UnitClass("target");
      if class == "WARRIOR" then
      elseif class == "PRIEST" then
      elseif class == "DRUID" then
      elseif class == "HUNTER" then
      elseif class == "MAGE" then
      elseif class == "PALADIN" then
      elseif class == "SHAMAN" then
      elseif class == "WARLOCK" then
      elseif class == "ROGUE" then
    eePanel1:RegisterEvent("PLAYER_ENTERING_WORLD", eePanel1.TargetFrameVisibility)
    eePanel1:RegisterEvent("PLAYER_TARGET_CHANGED", eePanel1.TargetFrameVisibility)

    This is with a fresh eePanels2 install. I create a new panel from global settings, give it a name, add a new LUA script, and paste in the above script.

    I then change all occurances of eePanel1 to whatever panel name the newly created script was given. The border color of the panel in the middle of my screen just stays white no matter how many times I change targets or /reload.
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    Would you mind adding an option to the Icon that lets us toggle on or off whether it says "ZOMG Buffs" on the icon? With my UI, the icon would be much more attractive if it did not have the text.

    Alternatively, or in addition, an option for the icon to fade out when you aren't hoving over it and no buffs need to be refreshed, would be great.
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    In WAU, IHML is listed under Outdated Adddons, for some reason, but appears to be regularly updated.

    Not really a problem, but seemed strange.
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    Will any future version of assessment contain a feature to display damage done to a specific target (or healing for that matter)?

    I often find myself wishing for this as we work through fights like Vashj or Kael.

    Is there a limitation of the core assessment code that prevents such an addition and makes it unlikely to appear?
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    What do these mods do? SimpleBossWhisper doesn't seem to have a wiki page (searching wowace.com didn't find one, nor a presence on curse.
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    Is the assessment author (or authors) active?

    I wonder if any planning is underway for a 2.4 compatable version, a fix for the dependency issue seen in the latest release, as well as any plans to incoroporate a feature request to be able to view Damage Dealt or DPS against a specific mob (i.e. show me the Damage Dealt filtered against only "Coilfang Strider" during a Vashj fight).

    SWStats used to do the latter. I tried Recount the past few days while the latest assessment has been bugged, but it lags me AND doesn't add any features I care about over assessment, so I'm hoping.
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    Wonderful addon, which my guild uses quite often in raids.

    Has anyone compiled any documentation/information on the tags available and their meanings? I checked the WoWAce wiki for Assessment, the first post in this thread, and the first post in the EJ thread to no avail.

    Beyond that, my most recent thought is that I would like to create a view that allows me to easily see damage done to a particular mob. i.e. it would look like the normal "Damage Done" or "DPS" view, except filtered so it only shows damage done or dps against a particular Mob's name (Coilfang Strider from our vashj attempts is what really got me going).

    The perfect view for me would be one showing the list of all mobs (peraps with damage done summary next to them), where when I click on a mob's name it brings up the Damage Done or DPS view for that mob only, so I can see who is doing the most damage to a particular critter.

    This may well be something I can do myself if I understood the available tags better, so someone please fill me in.
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    Quote from KnThrak »

    Is the SoB-feedback also listed under "Damage Taken"? Because if not, that's where it should show up ;)

    I believe it is showing up in both places. I know it is showing up in the EnemyDamageDone tag.

    I found that if I modify the display's main tag to be "EnemyDamageDone-FriendlyDamageDone", things look OK, but not sure if that is the best long term solution, or what other situations that might cause incorrect things to show up in 25 man reports (kind of new to modifying assessment).
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    Seal of Blood damage done to the player is being included in the Fight Damage Dealt, Damage Dealth, and DPS tabs, as well as in the breakdown of damage done by skill.

    Seal of Blood is a horde-only paladin seal that causes each melee hit to do additional damage to the mob equal to 35% of weapon damage, with the drawback that it does 10% of that damage to the paladin as well.

    The damage done to the paladin himself shouldn't be counted in the damage dealt tabs, I believe, as they meaninglessly inflate the dmg done by the paladin.

    Can this be modfied easily? I don't mind simply hacking my version of assessment if necessary, and if this isn't something that can easily be corrected in the mod itself.

    In case it is helpful, I turned on /combatlog and killed a wolf with seal of blood up, including one judgement in the middle (since judging SoB also does damage to the player).

    Here is an excerpt where SoB proc'd off a melee hit:
    12/4 19:49:33.828 Your Seal of Blood hits Timber Worg for 266 Holy damage.
    12/4 19:49:34.187 Your Seal of Blood hits you for 27 Holy damage.

    Here is an excerpt where SoB proc'd off judging SoB:
    12/4 19:49:44.562 Your Judgement of Blood hits Timber Worg for 472 Holy damage.
    12/4 19:49:44.906 Your Judgement of Blood hits you for 158 Holy damage.

    In both cases, the dmg done to myself shouldn't be included to get accurate dmg dealt figures.
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