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    posted a message on Chronometer (Ace2'ed AceTimer)
    This problem has perhaps been posted, but you know me, i'm lazy, especially this late at night.

    I often get timers from pther people.
    As a Priest f.e., i get inspirations of others or that shadow affinity-thingie.
    Also sometimes if another player has the same debuff on any mob as i have, my timer stop when the other time of another player on another target runs out.

    Any idea?


    - Moon
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    posted a message on otravi_UnitFrames 2.0.0 [Alpha] [26.06.06]
    what i liked about oUF was more ways of changing the bars to my liking. I can't recreate the ones i had in oUF with ag, even if the are pretty alike.

    And i have the impression that oUF is slightly faster than ag when it comes to displaying health

    I know andreas, i'll put it in your thread :D Buff/Debuff resizing would be nice. the default in oUF is better than default in agUF :D Especially with buffs and debuffs on 2 different possible places

    Then again, since i changed to agUF with patch and setting it up fast, i never took the time to look at all the options
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    posted a message on Detox
    Quote from tirlimpams »

    Well i was using Panza in pre2.0 WoW. That was paladin's buff-debuff addon and it's debuff part worked like Detox or Decursive.

    So nowadays in 2.0 we can't dinamically change target without hardware event from user like mouse click... Can't change macros and action bars in combat...

    I suggest to use _Clique_ addon. I u should click in any way to select cursed target than lets cast in same time cleance on it.

    The point of Detox and Decursive (and Panza) was that they themselves desided what target to cleanse or decurce (or Heal in case of Panza) and with what spell and rank.

    Without that ability they become useless...

    Think about it.
    Or plz say that i'm not right. plzplzplz

    Yep, but you need good RaidFrames. With Grid and Clique, Decursing is a charm, same goes - did go - for PRaid, and others too. Decursive or Detox are still nice for people using RaidFrames that don't show debuffs or not as good. Yes such people still exist :D
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    posted a message on Any idea which addon this is?
    ah i confused Sanity with Serenity in my post XD, yeah it was that one :P
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    posted a message on Any idea which addon this is?
    I got the same madness as i installed an early 2.0 version of Sanity. Deleted it and all went back to normal
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    posted a message on Request- A pally power equivilent
    and lets add, that the mod is now Ace2
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    posted a message on oRA2 Main tanks
    And make sure you hit "Request Status" to see if they don't show up then
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    posted a message on Grid
    Quote from pezz »

    Thanks for the replies guys - and no, I wouldn't need to change layouts in combat as we're normally assigned groups etc ahead of time.

    Just being able to go "show groups 2 and 4" would be gold!

    I'll check out this layout plug-in tonight, would that do what I need?

    Seeing the whole Raid always nice. For watching certain people, remeber that you can set up PlayerTargets in oRA ;)
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    posted a message on addonpkg - Perl command line svn addon updater and archiver. (Mac OS X/Windows)
    Thanks, i was waiting for that but i'll continue updateing manually since i like my Raidgfroup to be all at the same version without having to update to often.

    But for those who are a little bit Terminal afraid, just open Apple script and make an Application which does run the perl script. I did it rather easily for updating my DKPTable like this:

    tell application "Terminal"
    	do shell script "perl /Users/XXX/path/getdkp.pl"
    end tell

    of course /Users/XXX/path/ is the path to get to getdkp.pl in my example.
    save as Application and done.
    of course everyone will have to edit the Script by their needs, but only done once after that it will be easy updating
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    posted a message on BigWigs
    Quote from Aileen »

    Having some issues recently with the Boss Blocking (I think).  I have everything blocked, but I have noticed that lately every time a blocked warning is sent to raidwarn, I still get the "doot doot doot" raidwarn noises even though there's no message.  I turned all the blocking off and it seems as though it's coming every time someone announces BigWigs warnings to the rest of the raid.

    Is there any way to stop the constant sound when blocking?

    You sure it's the noise from Raidwarn not from your own BW?
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    posted a message on oRA2
    Quote from Malfeus »

      Is there a way to change the anchor points for main tank list in 0RA2.  I can't seem to find it if there is one.
    I want to move the Tank list further up away from my character.

    Thanks in Advance

    Try alt-click drag the frame, perhaps? ^^
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    posted a message on oRA2
    Quote from drvinnie »

    Quote from oscorqueak »

    Ok, maybe ( noob == me ) but I installed ora2 and perfectraid last night (latest versions of each). Everyone else in the raid was using CTRA including the raid leader. The raid leader set the MT but my MT info never appeared. Is this expected behavior? What is missing? Do I need to invoke the MT display somehow? Thanks in advance for any insight into this.

    I have the same problem.. installed ctraid again cause it's bleh this way :(

    try enabling the MainTank Frames, perhaps? We have more probs with CT users not getting Mts, never had a prob with oRA. And if the MTs were set before you joined raid and perhaps you didn't get a proper sync, hit the "request status" button
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    posted a message on Priest : Looking for an addon
    you could make a macro with BigWigs local timerbars if you use BW
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    posted a message on Big Wigs RespawnTimers
    Quote from scae »

    Would be nice if it had a seperate anchor to the normal bars so I can put them out of the way somewhere.

    Also there's no reset ability, I found that I was still getting messages (I did a /reloadui to get rid of the bars) after I finished in MC.

    Nice mod tho.

    /sign, tested in AQ, works fine but we really had no need for it since we ran over Skeram pretty fast, afterwards some users got confused by our respawn messages, and for many the bars were useless and taking up space. I think for such a module, a reset would be a must have
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