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    posted a message on AutoBar by Toadkiller (official thread)
    I haven't seen much activity w/ AutoBar in a while. I was wondering if you planned on updating it for WoW 3.1? I don't know if there were changes that damaged it, but at least the toc?

    If you're no longer working on it, that'd be nice to know also.

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    Sorry for the dumb question, but what is LDB?
    I see a lot of discussion of it, usually in contrast to Fubar which I do use. It's obvious an abbreviation for another mod or mod framework, but 3 initials isn't quite enough to search on to find a description.

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    posted a message on AutoBar by Toadkiller (official thread)
    Known Issues:
    -- At this point I see no way to provide tooltips for mounts / critters on a non-action button.

    I haven't gotten the latest version just yet (I've got AutoBar v3.00.00.04 alpha release from Curse). Rearrange on use will be very handy, especially when I use the autobar button to dismount!

    I have 2 land mounts (slow and fast) with the same icon. Without tooltips it will be difficult to pick the fast one consistently :-)

    So 2 suggestions to address this w/o tooltips:
    1) Provide some way to exclude particular mounts from the button.
    2) Assuming you always load them in the same order, how about a number/name overlay, which is consistent even after arrange on use?

    Thanks, WoW would be much more difficult to play w/o autobar.
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    posted a message on AutoBar by Toadkiller (official thread)
    Quote from Toadkiller »

    Delete is only an option for a Custom Button that you yourself created. It completely deletes it for all characters. Remove is an option for all Buttons including the built in ones. It removes it from Bar's it may be on.

    Thanks, that makes sense.
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    posted a message on AutoBar by Toadkiller (official thread)
    Hi, 1st, Thanks for this awesome addon Toadkiller!

    Now on to the requests. :)

    I decided to upgrade today to the newest version of AutoBar. Having been reading this thread for the past couple of weeks I knew that it was another rewrite/reorg and that I'd have to recreate my old settings (which was mostly just what was enabled and where the bar was located).

    So I did delete the AutoBar Addon folder as well as ALL AutoBar.lua files from the SavedVariables in the WTF folder.

    I think I like the new organization. I'll see over the next few days/week if it is working as I expect it to.

    Anyway, The Class Buff button for my Mage wasn't really organized the way I'd like it.

    What would have sufficed would have been if I could have gotten Arcane Intellect to stay as the 1st button, so that I didn't have to hover and then move over to find it. (My Mage is lvl 40 and I think Mage Armor is the default 1st button that keeps coming up)

    I realized that what I actually wanted was the things in the Class Buff button to be split into 2 buttons. Button 1 would be Buffs that can be applied to any friendly target, and Button 2 would be Buffs that only apply to me or my party.

    So I attempted to create a new button with only Arcane Intellect in it, but I failed miserably. :-(

    1st I tried to create a new button on my Mage's class bar by using the New button when the "Buttons" under Mage was selected.

    I got a Custom1 button which I changed to Shared "Class".
    (btw what is the difference between the "Delete" and "Remove" buttons I see when editing this button's properties?)

    It defaulted to category Healthstone. I couldn't figure out an appropriate category (I tried Buff: Caster Target, but that didn't seem to include anything)

    So I figured I needed a new Category.

    I Clicked on the New button under Categories, and a Custom1 shows up. Under Custom1 there is an Items which just has a New button, so I click that.

    Now under Items is a 1. When that's selected I see a little package icon. I open up my Spellbook and attempt to drag Arcane Intellect onto the package icon. The "1" Changes to say Arcane Intellect although the package icon stays a package (it does not change to the arcane intellect icon).

    Now I went back to the New button I had added to the Class bar, and this time the new Custom1 category is in the list and I select it.

    OK this is all working now. (I was going through these steps again as I was writing this message, and now it seems to work. Cool.)

    One thing I just figured out that I was having problems with, was changing the Name from Custom1 to "Mage Buff Others". I'd type it in the edit control then click on something else and what I typed would be lost. I just figured out that to confirm the new name I have to hit enter before clicking somewhere else.

    I'm posting this anyway because it'd be nice if these class buffs could be split out in this way, and perhaps the steps I've enumerated above will help someone else do the same thing.

    Anyway thanks again for an incredibly useful addon.
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    posted a message on Autobar (Toadkiller)
    I'm not sure this is the right place, but I just updated my Autobar and started seeing things that I didn't expect. I narrowed it down to the "Buff: General" category, which seems to have had food items added to it.
    I just installed "AutoBar-r47247.23.zip"
    Using the Autobar interface here's what I saw in the "Buff: General" category that I don't think is correct:
    • Not Found: Item 20080, 17048, 20004, 20081, 30615, 3384, 13513, 24421, 32721, 21023,32898, 22841
    • Earthen Elixir listed twice
    • The following food items:
      • Blackened Sporefish
      • Feltail Delight
      • Buzzard Bites
      • Clam Bar
      • Talbuk Steak
      • Mok'Nathal Shortribs
      • Fisherman's Feast
      • Spicy Crawdad


    I encountered this while I was trying to see what Fishliver oil (a melee haste quest reward potion) was listed under (I don't think it's actually in a category) It has an Informant link ID of 1322:0:0:0:0:0:0:555995334, I'm not sure if that's related to the item ID or not).
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