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    Converting my PB3 layout to PB4, got two questions:

    1) How to place a text in the corner of a unit frame, like so:

    The options for texts are now, outside left/right, middle, left/right - is it not possible anymore?

    EDIT: Found out I had the text attached to health bar instead of unit frame, it works properly now. It's aligned a bit different to PB3 though, text doesn't go outside of the frame, is it possible to offset it?

    2) What is LuaText thingy for difficulty-colored level? Tried modifying Pitbull's standard Class: Short level and race

    local dr,dg,db = DifficultyColor(unit)
    return "|cff%02x%02x%02x%s%s|r %s",dr,dg,db,Level(unit),Classification(unit) and '+' or '',SmartRace(unit) or ''

    ... but can't figure it out.

    Thanks in advance!
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