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    Something like this?

    Exactly :)
    I think that would be the best approach for this addon. You got the Unit infront of you to see fast what happens and where stuff goes, you got a easy understandable list for the elements -> info -> settings for info last. Compact and you dont get lost on the way. Agree/disagree? :D

    (i curse you all, my mighty lvl10 warrior just died to a bird because of this post!)

    I love this mockup you did, Pasta. I havent had too much trouble figuring out the menus, but this would be an amazing asset to seeing what you've got where for each unit frame.
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    So far so good, I'm getting more used to this now...

    GridLayout:AddLayout(L["By Purpose"], {
    [1] = {
    groupFilter = "WARRIOR",
    [2] = {
    [3] = {
    groupFilter = "MAGE,ROGUE,WARLOCK,HUNTER",

    Now, can there be a GridLayoutMyLayouts.lua so that my changes don't get overwritten with every new version?

    Make it a standalone addon.

    ## Interface: 20000
    ## Title: GridLayoutByPurpose |cff7fff7f -Ace2-|r
    ## Notes: Adds a 'By Purpose' layout to Grid.
    ## Author: Goeb
    ## Version: 0.1
    ## Dependencies: Grid

    Goeb, i think this is a great idea. Any updates making it a seperate addon file and would you consider sharing it?

    Also, I am very new to all this but it occurs to me that the ability to make a custom group configuration live in the game could be very useful too(if say, a feral druid was tanking, or even dpsing). Is that even possible?
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