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    posted a message on ag_UnitFrames Status (What's going on?)
    - Ye, health updates are off by an unknown amount, no idea why. That's what the turbo-module is for anyway, didn't have time to port it yet because of some other higher priority bugs.

    - Combattext used to get stuck once in a while, only a /rl could fix that. I commited a change for it, it seems to be solved here, if you still notice it, give me a yell.

    - Names and texts in general don't get updated when people join or get moved around in a raid. Healthbar colors do tho, that's my clue that something is out of sync. /aguf config -> raid -> text -> toggle font override twice fixes it temporarily until it bugs again. Still need fixing.

    - Aggro-colored bars can get stuck, making the bar red forever. I've glanced at the algorithm, but I'm pretty sure the code now isn't doing what it should do correctly or efficiently, but it's better than nothing... Anyone who wants to fix / rewrite that part?

    - Range checking module was causing spikes on the FPS graphs; it does a complete refresh of everyone every 0.7s. It's too slow for a healer, but the code can't be run on a faster interval without sacrificing lots of performance. I'm sticking to aUF_RangeCheck_M for the moment, updated it to support this version. The update is in the wowace trunk.

    - Tooltip: hmm, it's an old wow thing, if you have selected someone it shows the generic help text instead, no fix available. "Show Enhanced Tooltip" @ interface options causes it afaik.
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    posted a message on AGuf and possibly Pitbull issue with 2.3.2 and aura filtering?
    A very lazy way to implement this is to let the user set a comma seperated list in the config windows with all the buffs he wants to show and check that, it would allow custom lists too (my old ctra was showing int/fort/mark & HoT's, but I learned to live without it). Anyone who wants to take this job? The default filtering is kinda broken in 2.3.
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    posted a message on Ag_Unitframes Range Check problem

    Heh, working as intended, I was too lazy to implement it, sorry :P

    I think I'll rewrite the core a bit tomorrow to allow multiple spells, so you can do "Lifebloom" @ friendly & "Moonfire" @ hostile with a fallback to the ~28y behavior if none applies (no hostile/friendly spell set).
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    Aha, I already wondered about the radio silence on the andreasg branch. Will check it out tomorrow, because while raiding some weird things happen to the old branch and I cba to find the error now you're all working on this new shiny version.

    The first thing I'll do is porting the turbo module. It's the paranoid version of health update as wow sometimes fails to fire the correct event (don't ask me why, always happens when exiting TK dead for example), as a healer I'm willing to sacrifice 0.1% cpu time (measured in the old branch) to do UnitHealth on every refresh in a single method and fire update events if it changed for a guaranteed zero-frames delay for health bars. At only 3kb in a single file, it should be done within minutes. Anyone else interested in it? I've kept it out of svn so far, but it can be committed + made disabled by default. I see that the hp-bar fader is already there, that saves 1 module of work.

    Another thing is the aura pool / queue. table[object] = true + foreach on it and stop at 5 isn't FIFO, that kinda hurts as a druid as it takes a random time to redraw the status of my Lifeblooms which I cast about every 1.5s in battles :P. I have an alternative algorithm with FIFO queue (dumb structure with tinsert/remove taking O(n) time per remove, circular array / linked list would be better, wtb java.util.*) and soft-deadline on draws (@ 0.2s), but it's a larger hack and can't be done in a seperate module. If more are interested I could commit it, but this will take a bit more time to port.

    Let me know if you need help on getting bugs out, I'm going to test it in raids anyway. Code style is still indent = 4, use tab, no semicolon? I've got a bit of time to spare at the moment, it's the silence before the storm (2.4 = bye for Miles Combat Log, welcome MCL2. :P).

    PS. Table non FIFO-ness is shown with:
    tbl = {}
    -- +100 is to prevent array-style backend code in c-code. 
    -- Forces same situation as auraUpdatePool, Objects are used as keys there.
    for i = 1,5 do tbl[i+100] = true end 
    for k,v in pairs(tbl) do print(k) tbl[k] = nil end

    It outputs: 105 102 104 101 103. Breaks updating in a 30+ frames situation where objects get inserted constantly as people get/lose buff at a high rate in a raid.
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    posted a message on BigWigs_Announcer [request]
    I've had the idea of an announcer for BigWigs timers for a while, and last Friday I went coding a bit. The results is BigWigs_Announcer

    It's hard to explain in words, so here's a little video on it: http://video.google.nl/videoplay?docid=-5439414809437040731

    Countdown is fixed on 5/4/3/2/1 min remaining, 30/20/10, 5-1s. 10-1 was too spammy.

    There are a few problems with it tho.

    #1: I don't have the time to expand it into a full module with options and stuff, or to maintain it.
    #2: Soundpack is from UT2003/4's announcer. I consider it fair use if you have the game, for private / in guild use, but I don't want to release it in the wild like this. Possible solution is to play with a synth and make a tonal warning sound pack or record one ourselves.
    #3: It doesn't reset after a wipe. StopBar doesn't get fired for remaining ones, I think module disable does.
    #4: Wow's mixer doesn't like alot of sounds, does it? It just fails to play more than one or two at a time, PlaySoundFile just returns nil. I've coded around it with a retry for 0.4s routine, but it still fails one in about fifty. Used .mp3's first, but switching to .wav doesn't help.

    I wonder if someone can pick up the code and fix the points above, we'll have less people forgetting about Spouts or other timers. Otherwise I'll just use it like it is, I for one can't live without it anymore. Just send me a message.

    Rar: http://digibites.net/wow/lua/BigWigs_Announcer_code.rar

    (remove _code for the full version. Only provided for educational purposes)
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    posted a message on Recount
    I searched for this specific thing already, but no hits so far:

    Why does recount "fix" the enUS/enGB strings by replacing "%s's" by "%s 's"? ParserLib, Threat can take care of the locale just fine afaik, and this change breaks web based tools and other addons like Damagemeters. This shouldn't be in an addon that doesn't do any parsing itself, tainting and breaking a working locale is not acceptable.

    Can I assume a fix will be committed in a few days? I've commented line 305-307 @ FixLogStrings.lua locally, as this just don't make any sense.


    @DPS thing: Recount's math is totally whack. Integrated DPS is nowhere near the actual amount, and the output is "beautified" incorrectly, especially for the real time graphs. It doesn't matter much if you just like the pretty graphs, a correct moving average or weighted MA will never look as nice as it does now, but don't use the numbers for more than a very rough indication.

    I've seen counts of a very, very wrong interpolation, like vanishing units: dps is stuck and interpolated between two data points, for 30+ seconds, while the actual dps should be 0. Interpolate this for "damage done" and you'll have a nice surprise.

    I use the data from WWS / MCLA for analysis, recount for a quick in-battle overview. For that, it's the best addon I've seen, except for the breaking all other addons by default part.
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    posted a message on ag_UnitFrames for Burning Crusade
    Quote from shady »

    i would like to have a tooltip when hovering the mouse over the xp bar, so i can see:
    - ammount of xp needed until lvlup
    - percentage of xp in this lvl
    - percentage of rested xp

    this would be great!


    Try a new version and mouseover the XP bars.

    The [guild] tags are just added too, no, it wasn't there before.
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    posted a message on GPL licensing of addons and libraries
    Who cares about RDX anyway? Any tech job can bring in €10 - €30 per hour as a junior, and with RDX we're talking about maybe a few k total.

    The goldsellers on the other hand are opening offices all over the world... But that's blizzard's problem, shouldn't have made instances this consumable dependent. Raiding can easily cost 100g / 4 hrs, most people aren't willing to grind mobs @ 15g an hour a day for a night of more farming or wipes.

    Licensing of Ace: I don't care, as long as I can release my mods under any free license. GPL means that the Academic Free License, Apache License, BSD, MPL, etc etc aren't allowed in mods. LGPL or most of the other licenses don't have that problem.

    I understand that improvements in Ace should be contributed back, but GPL's infectious clause creates more problem than it solves.

    FSF's mission to take over the world is a bit of a failure anyway... Firefox? MPL. Apache? ASF. Eclipse? EPL. OpenOffice? LGPL.
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    posted a message on ag_UnitFrames for Burning Crusade
    Done. Use [guild] / [guild_] / [guildrank]. Works fine on a 180 width target frame, but most guild names are waay too long for other frames.
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    posted a message on ag_UnitFrames for Burning Crusade
    (Not really TBC anymore, but it seems that this is the current thread for new things)

    Recently posted stuff:

    - Updated mECB @ wowi. Fixes the issues posted here, adds support for ToT / ToTT (disabled by default).
    - Added a WIP version of range checker @ wowace svn.
    - Added aUF_BarFader to highlight hp and mana losses @ wowace svn.
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    posted a message on ag_UnitFrames for Burning Crusade
    w00t?! Can you get it working with aUF-1.12 too? The current trunk bugs out with stale hooks all the time, for example when stresstesting it in AV or any other raid.
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    Quote from andreasg »

    There is a very quick way to fix it.

    The function I hook just needs to check if the secure raid/party headers it is called for is controlled by aguf. If it is, then perform the action, if not then pass silently. It's very easy to do, just didn't have the time yet.

    If you have time, fix my fix. I'm at work atm, the fix just checks if frame.object and frame.object.UpdateTitle exists and call it.
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    posted a message on ag_UnitFrames - suggestions, requests and temp fixes thread
    Holy. That's a lot of posts.

    - MobHealth + current hp/max format: not possible atm. It may be implemented as a new tag in the future, [aghp] used to show it in that format, but I prefer current hp + percentage.
    - Bug with bar colors: I noticed that as well, will track it down for 1.12-M1.
    - Major delay: while agUF has a spike on raid join/change (working on it), I'm not sure the 100% cpu + disconnect in battlegrounds are caused by that. Frequently, when you reenter that battleground, all but a few people are offline as well, I suspect it's a WoW problem.
    - Related problem: Reenter battleground after disconnect caused by above problem = no raid: UnitExists("raid1") returns false, in that case, it's 100% WoW's fault, there is nothing I can do about it.
    - Mana bar color: known bug, not fixed yet.

    For 1.12, there will be one last milestone, 1.12 M1. If you have things that needs fixing before that, please file a report at http://code.google.com/p/agunitframes/issues/

    aUF 1.12 M1 beta is planned for next week, with RC1 + final following pretty soon if no blockers shows up.
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    posted a message on ag_UnitFrames for Burning Crusade
    Quote from Devla »

    Is there a quick way to allow Grid to play nice with agUF?

    Hmm... You can always unhook those two methods. No idea, I didn't start on the party/raid things in TBC yet, still working on the last milestone for ag_UF-112. Andreas said on IRC that he would fix it, still no commit at this time.

    agUF 1.12 - M1:

    So far:
    - Cut down cpu cost of UpdateHealth/Mana by half, no longer updating other texts (class, name) on hp/mana change.
    - Aura system update (X*Y auras, priority on buff/debuff)
    - Extensive profiling (stack aware, outputs in this format: http://digibites.net/profiler-raid.txt)
    - Maybe fixed the raid changes (member got dragged in other group, join/leave, @RRU/PMC events) lag, need fixtest.
    - One event dispatcher for UNIT_HEALTH/MANA/AURA, optional throttling.

    - Optimize profiler (costs 20 microsec overhead on each call, a second stack pointer will cut it down, requires a rewrite of core)
    - Optimize more stuff, definitive fix for RRU/PMC lag
    - Grid-like status indicators? aUF_Banzai in that form would be sweet
    - Other feature requests @ bug tracker. Just submit them and I'll see if it's possible to implement in ~1 week

    - Maybe split the profiler into another addon. I think more people would like to have something like that to track down cpu usage, not just "your RRU sucks, write a new one", but "RRU calls PMC and UpdateAll, PMC calls UpdateAll as well -> UpdateAll in RRU is not needed", plus the time spent in there.
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    posted a message on ag_UnitFrames - suggestions, requests and temp fixes thread
    Going into an raid with all profiling options enabled and see what execution paths has to be optimized.

    Profiler output at start: http://digibites.net/profiler.txt

    The lag at the start is caused by:

    RAID_ROSTER_UPDATE - 80 2.360
     UpdateAll - 3284 0.688
     CreateObject - 39 0.610
      init - 39 0.610
       RegisterEvents - 39 0.031
        ScheduleRepeatingEvent - 39 0.000
        ObjectRegisterEvent - 78 0.000
        RegisterEvent - 429 0.031
       CreateFrame - 39 0.032
       Reset - 39 0.531
        UpdateAuraCount - 39 0.483
         SetAuraCount - 39 0.483


     UpdateAll - 3742 0.864

    Still need a better interface, maybe some JWS enabled UI to show output as a treetable.
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