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    Hi chuckzt,

    I'm trying to write this from memory, so it might not be quite right, but you'll get the gist, hopefully :-)

    You should be able to change the positioning from 'bottom right' to 'free'. You may have to close and re-open Quartz at this point for the Buff - Target section to then show a 'Lock' checkbox. Uncheck this and move the bars where you like. Lock again when satisfied!

    I'll check this when I can and edit my response if required.

    Hope this helps.

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    Quote from doxxx »

    It would also be nice to have some alternative means of switching Modules without having the Modules window visible. Perhaps slash commands and/or keybinds?

    IIRC, if you go to the key bindings menu in WoW and scroll down there should be a section for Omen where you can do this.
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    Quote from Kayllaira »

    This is all I keep getting. I can't get Omen to work at all, and I've updated it a few times today.

    In the top 'stretched u-shaped' bar, on the right hand side above the settings button, is a small grey triangle. Click and drag that corner down, and Omen should open up for you.

    As for getting it to work properly, the developer's feverishly trying to sort this out, so keep checking back for updates. And thanks to Antiarc for all your hard work on fixing the issues thus far :)
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    Ah, that's good to know. Thanks for your response, Moon Witch :-)
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    Playing with Addons is a new thing for me, so please excuse me if I'm being a bit thick!

    In the Readme file for CDT2, it states:



    My question is; why? It's stressed all over the place that this should be done, but I can't seem to find an explanation about why it should be done.

    I installed it anyway (r62203) setup a character with it; groups set, positions set, etc, exited WoW and deleted the files as mentioned. Went back into the game, same character, but had to reset the positions and any exceptions I made again. Do I have to delete the created CDT2 lua files every time I run WoW?

    Thanks in advance :-)
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