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    I dislike rock so much I reverted back to 2.0 so I could actually configure my bar again after it was some how messed up with rock. Once I found a fresh Fubar2.0 all my settings were just the way I liked them,
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    I often don't leave feedback on boards such as this. And here comes the big but...

    This Rock thing has to go.

    1 its ugly
    2 it is horrible for configing my bars
    3 it didn't see all the plug ins (DurabilityFu is one of many)
    4 clunky, the way it was before was simple drop downs... much easier.

    I didn't like it so much I went back to 2.0 so I could actually reconfigure fubar again because when I updated to 3.0 I lost my settings.

    I'm probably not the only one that didn't like it, in fact I know my entire guild was upset. Maybe push a version without Rock, or all a user to disable rock and use drop downs.

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