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    AuctionProfit ONLY works if you:
    1.) DO NOT USE addons that auto collect money from your mails!
    2.) Click on an invoice auction house mail to OPEN it! Click the money!

    As you say if I manually click on the mail then click on the money to take it the addon detects the transaction, if I then use the below marco the first time it records the transaction however each subsequent use of the macro no transaction is recorded. If I then manually click an auction the above pattern repeats.

    /script GetInboxText(1); TakeInboxItem(1); TakeInboxMoney(1); DeleteInboxItem(1);

    altering the macro to this doesn't seem to change the behaviour of an initial success but subsequent missed transactions. I can't seem to find any other calls that would perhaps "open" the message.

    /script GetInboxHeaderInfo(1); GetInboxText(1); GetInboxItemLink(1,1); GetInboxItem(1,1); TakeInboxItem(1); TakeInboxMoney(1); DeleteInboxItem(1);

    I know you have stated that the addon probably won't work using the macro, however it does seem to have some initial success, thought you might like to know.

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